Explosive Allegation in Telangana Phone Tapping Row: KCR Wanted to Arrest BJP’s BL Santosh to Force Compromise

GG News Bureau
Hyderabad, 28th May.
 Investigations into the Telangana phone tapping scandal have unearthed a bombshell allegation: former Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) allegedly wanted to arrest senior BJP leader BL Santosh to coerce a “compromise” and dismiss an Enforcement Directorate (ED) case against his daughter, K Kavitha.

The claim was made by ex-Deputy Commissioner of Police P Radhakrishna Rao in a six-page confession detailing several controversial actions purportedly ordered by KCR. According to Mr. Rao, he was instructed to “arm-twist” individuals causing trouble for KCR and his family, as well as suppress dissent against the BRS government.

Key Allegations:

Arrest Plot Involving BL Santosh:

Poaching Plot:
 Mr. Rao’s confession includes claims of a plot to arrest BL Santosh, a senior BJP leader, to pressure the BJP into dropping an ED case against K Kavitha.
Surveillance and Sting Operation: The plan allegedly involved surveillance of BJP-affiliated individuals and an AAP MLA, leading to a ‘sting operation’ that resulted in the arrest of three people at a farmhouse near Hyderabad.

Failed Arrest: The operation to arrest BL Santosh was thwarted due to inefficiencies within the Cyberabad police and subsequent legal interventions by the Telangana High Court, which disbanded the Special Investigative Team (SIT) and transferred the case to the CBI.
Suppression of Dissent:

Raids on Congress Strategist: Mr. Rao also claimed that raids were conducted on Sunil Kanugolu, a Congress poll strategist, for his posts criticizing KCR and the BRS. The raid reportedly aimed to obstruct Congress’s work by seizing confidential data.
Phone Snooping: The Telangana phone tapping case involves accusations of widespread electronic surveillance for political intelligence and blackmail, affecting leaders, private companies, and Tollywood celebrities.

Political Reactions:
Congress leader N Uttam Kumar Reddy asserted that the entire operation had the full knowledge of the BRS leadership, predicting that more BRS leaders would soon face investigation. The BJP has firmly denied attempting to poach BRS legislators and labeled the claims as false and politically motivated.

Legal Developments:
The Telangana High Court’s intervention was crucial in halting the alleged misuse of state machinery for political vendettas. It issued do-not-arrest orders for BL Santosh and disbanded the SIT, transferring the case to the CBI for an impartial investigation.

Ongoing Investigations:
Several Telangana police officers are currently under investigation in connection with the phone tapping case. The scandal has brought to light the extent of alleged illegal surveillance and its implications for political and public life in Telangana.

As more details emerge, the phone tapping row continues to roil the political landscape in Telangana, raising questions about the integrity of state institutions and the lengths to which political leaders may go to maintain power.

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