AAP Leader Atishi Summoned by Delhi Court Over BJP’s Defamation Case on MLAs Poaching Claim

GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 28th May. 
Delhi’s political landscape witnessed a legal twist as AAP leader Atishi was summoned by a Delhi court to appear on June 29 in connection with a defamation case filed by the BJP. The case stems from Atishi’s allegations earlier this year, accusing the BJP of attempting to “poach” AAP MLAs by offering them ₹25 crore each.

Atishi, a prominent figure within AAP and currently tasked with leading party affairs in the absence of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, had leveled the poaching accusations against the BJP. She claimed that the BJP’s alleged attempts were part of a larger scheme to destabilize the AAP government.

Echoing Atishi’s claims, Chief Minister Kejriwal also asserted that the BJP had made efforts to lure seven AAP MLAs to their side in a bid to undermine the ruling party’s strength in the assembly. However, the BJP promptly refuted these allegations, labeling them as “false” and “baseless,” while challenging Kejriwal and Atishi to provide evidence supporting their claims.

The situation escalated further when Atishi disclosed that she had been approached by someone close to the BJP, offering her a switch in allegiance purportedly to salvage her political career. Allegations of intimidation were also raised, with Atishi claiming that failure to comply with the BJP’s demands could result in her arrest by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) within a month.

These assertions prompted a swift response from the BJP, which issued a defamation notice against Atishi and demanded a public apology. The party reiterated its stance, dismissing Atishi’s allegations as unfounded and daring Kejriwal to substantiate his claims with evidence.

As the legal battle unfolds, all eyes are on Atishi’s upcoming court appearance and the potential ramifications for the ongoing political skirmish between AAP and the BJP in the capital city.

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