Election Commission Declines to Comment on PM Modi’s Remarks


GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 22nd April. 
The Election Commission maintained its silence regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent remarks made during a poll speech in Rajasthan, where he suggested potential wealth redistribution policies by the Congress if they were to come to power.

In his speech delivered in Banswara on Sunday, PM Modi implied that a Congress government would allocate the wealth of the people to Muslims, referencing former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement about the minority community’s priority access to the nation’s resources.

In response to queries concerning PM Modi’s comments, a spokesperson for the Election Commission declined to offer any official statement, stating, “We decline comment.”

PM Modi’s remarks have stirred controversy, with political commentators and stakeholders scrutinizing the implications of his statements within the context of the ongoing election campaign. However, the Election Commission’s decision to refrain from commenting on the matter underscores its commitment to maintaining neutrality and impartiality in electoral affairs.

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