DM Dehradun: Collect 10 thousand samples per day to determine the Covid 19 virus for effective control of Covid 19 infection

GG News Bureau
Dehradun, 22 May. DM Dehradun during a virtual meeting with various nodal officers held on Friday at Dehradun, directed the officials to collect 10 thousand samples for effective control and prevention of the Covid 19 infection in the district.
The District Collector directed the District Surveillance Officer to collect more than 10,000 samples per day, for which various teams should be constituted the samples should be collected house to house in mohallas and rural and urban areas. He said teams should be sent to the areas in coordination with local public representatives, village pradhans, councillors, ward members of the concerned areas.
He directed the surveillance officers to send various teams of medical staff after training to various locations in rural and urban areas to get samples. He directed the officials to ensure that information/reports should be recorded about the medicines for cold, fever, cough that are bought without consulting a doctor, even if no medicine is bought then a zero report should be kept in the records. He said that it will be mandatory to send the report daily and action will be taken against those who do not send the information as per the prescribed provisions.
He directed all hospitals to immediately send demands for their equipment, medicines, etc. The DM Dehradun directed the officials that persons above 45 years of age should be vaccinated through conducting camps at block level in villages and all village pradhans should be vaccinated under the category of frontline workers.
The DM was apprised about the sample collection and vaccination in the district. the antigen samples were collected from villages Quanu, Burad and Kotikanasar in Chakrata, Binad in Tyuni, Baligaon, Kandar, Thialgaon in Kalsi, Utpalta Kastha,Kasgi, CSC Vikasnagar. Kambol village in Sahspur, Sarkhet, Buraskhanda,Itharna in Raipur, Nuna Wala , Jakhan and Gadi Maichak in Chiddarwala. Out of 171 samples collected two were found positive in Chakrata, Out of 304 in Tyuni 16 were found positive, out of 88 in Kalsi 5 were found positive, Out of 227 in Sahaspur 7 were found positive, out of 281 samples 20 were found positive in Doiwala. He apprised the officials that Shakti Colony, ward no 1 Misarwala Khurd, Ward number 5 Athurwala(Bagi), Ward number 5 Kothari Mohalla Jolly grant, Bakery hill in Mussoorie, Nathuwala in Dehradun, Indira Nagar colony Control wali Gali,179/2/2 Rajpur road, village Kehri and ward number 93 Gorakhpur chowk behind Kishan tent house were declared as containment zone which have been declared as free from the containment zone.
DM Dehradun Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava informed that as a result of the report received of 699 persons positive due to Covid 19 virus in the district, the number of persons infected with Covid 19 virus has gone up to 104314 till date in the district, Out of which a total of 83146 persons have recovered after treatment. At present, 17787 persons are undergoing treatment in the district.
A total of 7543 samples were sent for examination on Friday. 61267 persons were put u der surveillance by Anganwadi workers out of which 90 persons were diagnosed with an infection. The Medical Department was directed to act without any delay. 1860 oxygen cylinders were distributed to hospitals and 148 oxygen cylinders were distributed to common citizens in the district. 195 home isolation kits were distributed by the district administration, 97 by SDRF and 220 were distributed in various development blocks in the district.
The disaster control room received distress call number from on the helpline of 6 persons in home isolation out of which 02 calls were from elderly people, 04 calls were of others, 125 persons living in home isolation were contacted from the Covid Control Room and were asked about their wellbeing.
2.70 lakh ivermectin medicines have been distributed at Chakrata, Kalsi, Vikasnagar, Sahaspur, Raipur and Doiwala blocks on Friday. So far 6.80 lakh ivermectin medicines have been distributed in various development blocks in the district.

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