Delhi Government will Provide Financial Help to Children who Lost Parents Due to Covid19

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 14th May. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has made a big announcement on Friday at a press conference that the Delhi government will provide financial assistance to the children who have lost both their parents due to Corona and those who have lost their young children.

Kejriwal said, in an atmosphere of despair, I want to give you happy news. In the last 24 hours, 8500 corona cases have been reported in Delhi. In 24 hours, the infection rate is 12%. Very few people are now falling ill in Delhi. With fewer patients, beds in hospitals are also being emptied. For the past several days, there were a lot of cases in Delhi. On April 30, more than 28 thousand people were found corona infected. But now very few people are falling ill in Delhi. In the last few days, 3000 patients have been discharged from hospitals in Delhi. That means 3000 beds are empty.

He said that although it has come to notice that the beds of the ICU are still full. This means that the number of serious patients has not decreased yet. We are also working in this direction. Around 1200 ICU beds are ready, which will be operational in a day or two.

Kejriwal said that in the last few days we could not save many Delhi people. I know many children whose parents could not keep up with Corona. Those children have no one in this world. I want to tell all such children that I am with them. No child should think of himself as an orphan, the study of any such child will not be left in the middle. Every child’s education will continue. The government will bear the expenses of raising those children.

Kejriwal further said that there are many elders in Delhi, whose children used to earn and lost their lives due to Corona. All the families who have lost the earning member of their homes, Delhi government will help them financially.

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