Delhi CM Kejriwal claims fake, Singapore has no new Covid strain says the diplomat in India.

GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 19th May. It is said that the rumours spread faster than wildfire and if it is spread by a chief minister of state then the destructive days are not far off. Yes, the only leader and the State Government, the CM of Delhi, is spreading rumours and instilling fear among the people in the about Covid-19 situation I the country. The CM has already created a lot of panic through his baseless allegations about the shortage of beds in hospitals to shortage of oxygen in the state for a long time now and has come out with news drama by appealing to the Central Government to cancel the Singapore flights and save the country from the new covid strain there, which is more dangerous for children. His rumour spread like wildfire and created panic at all levels and that too without checking the facts. But his bluff has been exposed and the claims have been rejected by, the Singapore diplomat in India who categorically stated that there was no such strain in Singapore and there is no truth in the claims. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wrote in a tweet, “The new form of corona in Singapore is said to be extremely dangerous for children, which could come as the third wave in India. My appeal to the Central Government is Air services with Singapore cancelled with immediate effect. And avenues of vaccination for the children should be exposed.
Replying to CM Kejriwal’s tweet, the Singaporean diplomat in India tweeted that there is no truth that a new COVID strain has arrived in Singapore. Union Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri tweeted, “Kejriwalji, international flights have been suspended since March 2020. Singapore does not have an air bubble. Just a few Vande Bharat flights bring back the Indian people trapped there. These are our own people. Yet we have an eye on the situation. All precautions are being taken. After being shamed now everyone has come to know that CM Kejriwal is lying and is defaming the country as well as creating panic among the people.
BB Tewari, Secretary United Residents of Delhi is of the view that Arvind Kejriwal the CM Delhi is nothing but a chronic activist with full of theatrics at the CM level which clearly depicts his acumen as a politician.
The recovery of more than 900 gas cylinders, 587, oxygen concentrators by Delhi police from the Farmhouse of Aam Aadmi party minister Imran Hussain and that according to the AAP minister meant for only Muslims speaks volume of AAP politics of appeasement. the Oxygen received from Saudi Arabia was only 80 mt and could last not even one day and that too was hidden by AAP minister in his farmhouse and such acts by AAP are condemnable and indicate that AAP instead of working towards controlling the Covid-19 pandemic is deriving sadistic pleasure form the grim situation.
The acts of stacked lies and series of denials and U-turns speak commendably of his philosophy of Truth’ and Corruption Crusader as was depicted before. Excellent illusions said BB Tiwari.It was nothing but a sinister plot of defaming the government at Centre when corpse laid all around. Probably he could have thought of Mohalla electric Crematorium etc. We must understand the base of the Aam Admi Party and its ultimate objective of entering various States of India. This is not the time of political bickering and instead, we all must work collectively towards saving lives of people and ensuring that the social distancing and other Covid-protocols are followed in the state.

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