A black fungus patient found in Pithoragarh

GG News Bureau
Pithoragarh, 9th May. A black fungus patient was found in pithoragarh hospital.
The patient was under going through treatment in the hospital. Pithoragarh CMO Dr HC pant said.
“The 46 years old patient was admitted in hospital after corona symptoms, a CT scan was taken of his body after this cheeks were found swelling from last two days and black fungus was confirmed .”
According to the CMO, the patient has been referred to higher center for further treatment after a amphotericin was given to him.
“we had to take the vaccine from army hospital as we were short of it, if we find such patient in future we will purchase the vaccine on our own.”said the CMO.
Till date a total of 5 black fungus patients have been traced in kumaon region including 1 each in Almora Nainital and pithoragarh and 2 in US nagar district.”The of Kumaon , the Haldwani medical college have formed a committee under Dr SK Saksena to find the future ways to treat black fungus patients to give total treatment to these patients.”said the CMO.

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