Covid-19 Updates: Health Ministry provides important information, Transition rate decreased in the country

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 15th May. Health Ministry’s Joint Secretary Lav Aggarwal said that there are 11 states in the country where the number of active cases of corona is more than one lakh.

There are eight states where the active cases are between 50 thousand and one lakh. There are less than 50 thousand active cases in 17 states.

Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh are the states where a large number of cases are coming up. But a decrease in active cases is also being recorded in these states.

Lav Aggarwal said that Tamil Nadu has become a matter of concern where active cases have seen a sharp rise in the last one week. The ministry said that the recovery rate of corona virus infection in the country is increasing rapidly. However, new cases of corona infection are coming up in some states including Assam and Himachal Pradesh. The Health Ministry said that till date 180 million people have been given vaccine doses.

Health Ministry’s Joint Secretary Lav Aggarwal said that in the last 1 week, 18 states and union territories have reduced positivity rates. The nationwide positivity rate, which was 21.9 per cent, now stands at 19.8 per cent. He said that there are 24 states and union territories in the country where there is more than 15 percent positivity rate. The 5-15 percent positivity rate is in 10 states. 3 states have less than 5 percent positivity rate.

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