Cabinet minister Bishan Singh Chufal inaugurates pneumococcal vaccination drive conducted on children below 9 months of age

GG News  Bureau
Pithoragarh, 16th June. The district health administration with an objective to prevent children from being exposed to the advent of the feared third Covid wave a mass vaccination drive was carried in which out on the children below 9 months of age as they were administered pneumococcal vaccine in Pithoragarh today. Said the health officials.
“This vaccine will prevent children from pneumonia and corona infection both, we will deliver the first dose of vaccine in 1.5 months, second in next 3 and half month, and last and Booster doze in 9 months,” said Pithoragarh CMO, Dr Harish Chandra Pant
Inaugurating the vaccination drive for children in the district hospital, state cabinet minister Bishan Singh Chufal said that the state is ready to face the third wave of corona if it comes. “we are preparing our hospitals to face the third wave and prevent our children from its effects, we have sufficient doses of pneumococcal vaccine in our hospitals.” said Chufal.

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