Bihar Lockdown Extended for 10 Days

GG News Bureau

Patna, 13th May. The lockdown in Bihar has now been extended till 25th May. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced that the lockdown is a positive way to prevent corona. It has been decided to extend the lockdown from 10 days i.e. 16th to 25th May. The earlier rule of lockdown will remain in force during this phase.

The lockdown is proving to be a great help in stopping the uncontrollable pace of Corona in Bihar. After the lockdown, the number of new Corona patients has decreased.

The recovery rate has increased as the infection rate has decreased. After several weeks, on Wednesday, the number of newly infected people remained below 10 thousand. Less than 10 thousand new patients of Corona were found in Bihar on Wednesday. However, in the last 24 hours corona infection took the lives of 74 people. After 23 days, less than 10 thousand corona infected people have been reported in the state, while 12,265 people have recovered. The number of active cases is now below one lakh.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had said on Wednesday that the situation is improving due to the lockdown; there is a need for further encouragement to come out of this odd situation.

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