Big Decision in Congress Working Committee Meeting, Party President Election to be held on 23rd June

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 10th May. The Congress Working Committee meeting under the chairmanship of Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi was held today in Delhi. In the meeting, the party took a major decision regarding the election for the post of president. The Party President Election will be held on 23rd of next week, which is 23rd of June.

In this meeting chaired by Sonia Gandhi, the widespread of Corona in the country was also discussed. Apart from this, the performance of the Congress in the recently concluded election results of four states and one Union Territory was also considered and further strategy was decided.

Sonia Gandhi said in the meeting that the condition of corona virus has become very frightening in the last four weeks. She said the failures of governance have made the situation even more difficult. Sonia Gandhi said that the advice of scientists was completely rejected and the country is paying a heavy price for the mistake of the Modi government.

She said in the meeting that the international community came forward to help us; I want to thank all the countries and institutions. Apart from this, Sonia Gandhi said that while we are all busy with Covid-19, then this meeting has been called to discuss the election results. She further said that I am insisting on forming a small group to brainstorm on the election results and hopefully soon we will meet again with a report.

Sonia Gandhi further said that we need to understand clearly why we lost in Kerala and Assam and could not get a single seat in West Bengal. Sonia Gandhi said that if we do not see the reality then how we will learn lessons for the future.

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