Apart from Blaming Central Government now Kejriwal Government Targets Media

Harshita Rai
GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 11th May. Kejriwal Government Of Delhi NCT is busy blaming Modi Government to hide their incompetency to tackle the corona crisis in the National Capital. They are full on playing the blame game although they have already been exposed. Mr Arvind Kejriwal is not just blaming Central Government, he has not spared media persons & media houses as well .
What is this? Height of irresponsibility or the incompetency of AAP Government?

Seems like Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi Government is not so happy with the media persons these days. According to various reports, AAP Government has expelled 7 journalists of Hindustan Times from their official WhatsApp group only because an article criticizing the AAP Government was published in their paper.

This article was published in the newspaper on 6th May. The article came in the Hindustan Times newspaper with the headline “Anatomy of Capital Oxygen Crisis: 5 things Delhi Govt didn’t get right”.

The article mainly questioned the AAP Government’s intention to solve the oxygen crisis. It highlighted points such as how the AAP government failed to supply oxygen, how it is not able to distribute oxygen in Delhi, how it did not spread awareness about oxygen refilling cylinders, how no centralized number was allotted to help patients, how the PSA plant was forbidden to be set up in Delhi and how the government responded in the second wave.

This report published in Hindustan Times was written by Shweta Goswami. After reading this, Vikas Yogi, the media coordinator of Arvind Kejriwal, expelled 7 reporters from the group. IANS journalist Navneet Mishra shared the screenshot of this act of AAP on social media.

Navneet wrote, “The reporter who exposed the 5 major negligence of the Delhi government to the Corona management, was removed from the official media WhatsApp group by the spokesperson.” Is this Delhi government’s freedom of expression? Few years ago 1 TV journalist was also expelled in the same way. The Delhi government must tell the truth.

Significantly, this is the official media group of AAP, in which more than 150 journalists are added. The government sends press releases and health bulletins etc. on it. But it is worth noting that only a few people voiced this childish act of AAP and everyone else is silent on this.

The most surprising thing is that while some people raised their voice on the exclusion of journalists, there were many senior journalists in the group who kept silent.

In continuation with this all blame game of Mr Kejriwal BJP blasts AAP Govt & his leader.In a special press conference BJP’s Spokesperson Dr Sambit Patra has also questioned Delhi Government’s intention. BJP’s Spokesperson Sambit Patra in a press conference on 10th May,said that it is unfortunate that the political parties are playing dirty politics amid such a serious and tragic situation due to the Corona pandemic. He further said that especially in Delhi, this level of politics has tried to weaken the fight against Covid.

He said that some state governments, including Delhi, are trying to hide their failures by putting the blame of the shortage of oxygen,ventilators,beds etc on the Center. Not just this, they have started targetting media persons and media houses as well.

When the central government supplied 730 metric tonnes of medical oxygen to Delhi, Kejriwal thanked the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for this, but after one day ,AAP spokesperson & MLA Raghav Chadha said that 976 metric Tonnes of medical oxygen is needed in Delhi. Pointing these Dr Patra said, Kejriwal government, first you should correct your figures.

The Delhi government is neither able to arrange a cryogenic tanker for transportation, nor manage oxygen. The Kejriwal government does not want to conduct an oxygen audit while 400-500 oxygen cylinders are recovered from Imran Hussain, a minister in the Kejriwal government. For that high court of Delhi had also sent notice.
Bharatiya Janata Party National Spokesperson Dr Sambit Patra addressing the press conference on a virtual note attacked the Kejriwal government with facts. He pointed out the failure of the Delhi government over Covid management and the political intention of unnecessarily putting the Center in the loop and challenged to come up with the facts..
So for saving the life from this corona ,no one should play politics but should do some social service .This is very important for country and every one should serve Nation first and foremost above all.

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