AAP Uttrakhand spokesperson compares people from Uttarakhand to stray dogs

GG News Bureau
Dehradun, 13th July. The remarks of Uma Sesodia’s the Aam Aadmi spokesperson from Uttarakhand of comparing the people of Uttarakhand to stray dogs during a talk show on social media in Dehradun, have enraged people across the spectrum of the society.
The president Rajya Andolankari Manch Garhwal unit Narendra Singh Rana and Congress started committe secretary Shan’t Bhatt condemned the remarks made by Uma Sesodia and said that it has hurt the sentiments of people.
Both said that this shows the mindset of Aam Aadmi Party and Uma Sesodia along with those respectable people who are bent upon establishing AAP party in the state should aplogise to the people.
Rana said
Arvind Kejriwal and his team, it seems are not aware that the state is known as Dev bhumi and the state has been formed after sacrifice of several youth, women, government employees etc and to compare people of the state with stray dogs is derogatory. Arvind Kejriwal along with Uma Sesodia should apologise for such remarks, said Rana. The demanded from the government to initiate action against the spokesperson.

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