“You Are Being Told On TV That There Is No Leader Like Modiji…” : Priyanka Gandhi Launched Harsh Attack On PM Modi

GG News Bureau

 Kangra (Himachal Pradesh), 27th May. Congresswoman Priyanka Gandhi launched a harsh attack on Prime Minister Modi and the BJP on Monday, claiming that people are being misled into believing that the nation is progressing when, in reality, youth unemployment and prices are rising.

Priyanka stated, “The PM is talking nonsense from the stage,” while speaking at a rally held here today. It is sometimes claimed that Congress will take your mangalsutra and buffalo. Their veracity is quite evident. On TV, they tell you that the nation is developing and that there isn’t a leader like Modiji. In actuality, youth unemployment is rising and inflation is rising.

“One Rank One Pension was introduced by Congress. Pensions for troops with disabilities were previously granted, but those have now been eliminated. Who is their government working for? Adani ji currently owns every cold storage facility in Himachal Pradesh. The price of Apple will be determined only by him. Priyanka said, “Farmers are being taken advantage of.
The Congress leader went on to say that the people were made aware of the truth about the Congress and the BJP as a result of two incidents that occurred in Himachal Pradesh.

“The country’s two biggest parties are in competition in this election. In the last 2 years, 2 incidents took place in Himachal due to which the truth of these two parties has come in front of the people of Himachal. First of all, a terrible disaster occurred here and houses were washed away and families were separated. When I came here after months, I was heartbroken to see the condition. Every Congress worker and minister was among you at that time. The entire Congress party came together and remained engaged in your support,” she said.

“On the other hand, the PM says that Himachal is his second family but at that time he did not even look at it. Even big leaders of the BJP did not help you. Everyone saw what is the ideology of Congress and what is that of BJP,” Priyanka Gandhi added.

She also alleged that the BJP tried to topple the elected Congress-led Himachal government.

“BJP tried to topple the elected state government with its money power. MLAs were given Rs 100 crores and people were betrayed. The Prime Minister, who has the responsibility to maintain democracy, sends his people here to buy MLAs,” she added.

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