“Woh Shaam Bhi Ajib Thi,” —A Wonderful Evening with Sr Voice Artist, Sr Film Producer, Sr Writer, Sr Media Man Harish Bhimani in Indore

Kumar Rakesh
  Kumar Rakesh

Kumar Rakesh

Hopefully, everyone still has a clear memory of the voice & sound that says “Mai Samay Hu” with a tinkling, vibrant, and emotive tone. Voices with specific sounds create high positive energies that echoes in our minds like anything, as we know it.

Yes, the same voice with high positivity that has lived permanently in our mind even now, is still making its way through our heart, and will keep doing so in the future as well as “time” is what it is.

You all must be aware of the real name of that voice from “Samay” (time). Yes, that voice is that of Harish Bhimani ji, the unique magician of the ocean of sounds, a perceptive, multifaceted, and timeless artist.

Harish ji is a Writer, presenter, voice artist, actor, and producer of many corporate and documentary films. He has also received the President Medal of National Film Award 2016 for his Voice Over/Narration Category.

One of the most recognizable voices in the nation sprang to prominence when he voiced the narrator “Samay” in the Indian TV series on our great epic MAHABHARATA that serial was written and directed by eminent Film personality BR Chopra

Harish Bhimani has more than 22,000 recordings under his name, all of which are strong and effective.

Since the 1980s, he has lent his voice to several documentaries, corporate films, feature films, TV and radio commercials, sports, music albums, besides hosting leading public events and festivals.He has written a book series on our legend Lata Mangeshkar.

In the media, Harish ji has been referred to as “one of India’s most recognizable voices” and “a writer with a zing.”

Harish Bhimani began his career as a TV newsreader for Bombay TV. Later in the Mahabharata serial, he gave voice as Sutradhar ‘Samay’. He also wrote TV serials like Khandaan, Subah, Inkar, Sukanya, Grahan. Apart from this, he has given his voice in more than 22 thousand domestic and foreign commercial advertisements and feature films.

Despite being close to 80 years old now, Harish Bhai still appears to be a young man. Harish Bhai is an extraordinary source of boundless energy!

I met him after a long time at the 15th Indian Journalism Festival 2023, which was held in Indore from 14-16 April 2023. Then we had dinner together. Along with food, Harish Bhai added many pleasurable components in his old familiar style, such as laughter, fun, mimicry, face, and so on. That dinner tasted eight times better. Imagine the wonder of that one-of-a-kind energy power!!!!

Later, prominent personalities such as Shakeel Akhtar, Alok Bajpai, and Ajit Rai took part in that historical reminiscence, churning, crying, glad, astounded meet and that evening became an unforgettable memorable night.

We made an effort to sing – वो शाम भी अजीब थी,ये शाम भी अजीब है (that evening was also unusual, this tonight is equally strange)….. We were all tired before meeting Harish Bhai, but we all left fit and cheery.

Harish Bhai tickled us all, making us smile and laugh several times. With a great action illustration, he told the story of the transition from the print age of newspaper to the TV age, online to digital age in his passionate vocal manner. Every action, every word, as he said was encouraging and inspiring .

A new tale was written that included all the energy waves. Maybe this writing is a fantastic outcome of that enthusiasm!

In truth, we had no idea when that magnificent evening, that remarkable historical event, transformed into a bright night full of energy and joy.

Yes, we were made to drink all nine juices of literature with Harish Bhai, during that evening of joy and delight, and we all became acquainted with all the ragas of music, all the lyrics of music, and all the rhythms of drums and mridang. In the evening, which none of us had anticipated, we were all captivated by his distinct sense of belonging!!!!

Maybe this is what is meant when it seems like time has stopped. That is why someone once remarked, “time, please stop, and let me see my love,” which offers us nothing but vitality always…but we are aware that time and the stream do not stop for anybody. On that particular day, Harish Bhai succeeded in restraining it for a brief period of time, for which we are all eternally grateful to him.

His energetic voice reverberated even back then, and it continues to echo today, tomorrow, and forever.

May God bless him with a long, healthy, and joyful life!!!!

Heartfelt congratulations and salutations to the most adored, dearest, and beloved Shri Harish Bhai Sahab!!!


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