Why Govt of Bharat and Its States ‘NOT’ Taking Stern Actions Against Rohingyas Muslims??

Opposition Political Parties Should Not Play Politics, But be Unite on These National Issues


*Kumar Rakesh

The Mewat case story began to take shape as soon as CM Manohar Lal took the guise of CM Yogi and became the “Bulldozer Baba ” .On 4th Aug morning, as dozens of bulldozers arrived in the villages of Mewat simultaneously, some residents were rushing with baggage, others were seeking for their IDs, and hundreds of women were attempting to stop the bulldozers.

If we see the all issues, we will find in such similar all cases related with Delhi riots or Karnataka incidents  or any other states, as main factors are same that is ROHINGYAS MUSLIMS , that have been planted by most of anti BJP political parties and their other wings in Bharat, as reported many times on print, online, TVs ,Radios and other different platforms of media and politics. In spite of all facts, Government of Bharat & its states have not been been taking stern actions against Rohingyas Muslims. Why? It is a big question for him and for the self respect for  Bharat now.

If we see Nuh-Mewat, is a small example, but they-Rohingyas are   broadened their bases throughout the country. Politics of opposition parties has been creating hurdles with many ways, they should not, as it is a national  and central issues. So, government of Bharat should take all necessary actions to deport them to their home land or their original place.

As we aware that ,In 2019,Union Home Minister Amit Shah already clarified his stand that No any Rohingyas Muslims will be given citizenship of Bharat at any cost, but it seems that  implementation looks so far. Although, as we know, It is matter of great concern for every Bhartiya for the sake of United & Strong Bharat.

On the other hand, following CM of UP, Yogi  Adityanath, CM Manohar Lal had made it clear to only bring back the bulldozers once the slums had been completely levelled. It is unclear who settled these slums since they belonged to Bangladeshis and Rohingyas. It is obvious that due to nexus of local administration and politicians those Rohingyas had been  settled in that area. It is total failure of Manohar Lal government and its poor governance.

On social media, several claims gain traction. One of those claims is also made here, but all political parties are silent on this Rohingyas issues, why? It is big question and threat also for the country.

With reference to a letter   sent by a BJP leader to Congress leader Alka Lamba  about three years ago, Nasir Hussain quoted a Rohingya refugee who said, “Congress forced us to enter India, then we were thousands, now we are in lakhs and are giving birth to more children.” In Karnataka, Kerala, West Bengal, and Punjab, we are dominant. We will not reveal our identities until the day the Congress and the rest of the states join a support government. We will not stop at all. Because Congress would control the legislation and the courts, the RSS and BJP would be powerless to intervene.”

From these above   facts, we can understand the politics of congress   trying to  divide the country again after 1947 & 1971. I don’t think, any patriot & nationalist of Bharat will not support this Rohingyas factor to divide the country on the basis of population. The Rohingyas’ factor & its significant role has emerged due to vote politics also in our country. Rohingyas has trying to make their base broader and bigger from  Delhi to UP to Nuh in Haryana to Karnataka, Rajstahan, Chhatisgarh, Bihar & other north eastern states  too.

So the real question is who is using them? How they are gaining base and strength? Regardless of whether they are from Bangladesh or Myanmar, both groups enter Bharat through West Bengal, where Mamata Banerjee’s administration both supports and does little to stop them. It’s same case for Delhi, Tripura, Assam & other congress rules states also.

After Nuh-Mewat riots, Mamata Banerjee instantly went in front of the media and stated, “CM Manohar Lal is saying the right thing, but if the situation in Bengal were identical, the Centre would have sent its teams here immediately. But Mamata only wants to play politics for her vested interest. She had organised herself to cater the Muslim as her vote bank, as Mamata Didi also a old congress women & also started politics from youth congress. So, her mentality is same as congress thought to rule the states at any cost even state or country may suffer from Rohingyas type diseases of anti  national threat for Bharat  or Bangladesh type latest separation from Bharat. But those opposition will not condemn these issues, why?

Although Mamata’s entire message was political, one can realise that it also contained implicit support for the Rohingya people. Mamata Didi believed that CM Manohar Lal had acknowledged the security breakdown and that an investigation would be conducted. She also believed that the administration would no longer be paying attention to infiltrators who were breaking the law. But Mamata didi overlooked the fact for her vested political interest  that Yogi Adityanath frequently advises Manohar Lal and that the BJP’s position on the Rohingyas is well known.

The unique thing is that Congress, in addition to Mamata Banerjee, has never opposed the Rohingyas, which is why whenever the Modi government discusses the CAA-NRC, it appears to be in opposition to Congress and denies that Congress MLA from Nuh Maman Khan has any connections to them.  But the real concern is when politics transcends national interests.

If we see that Nuh-Mewat riots incident, it was pre planned, as Haryana home minister Anil Vij also made statement on this .The main target was the Nuh cyber police station, which have lot  of cases and files of  more than  100 crore cyber fraud.It seems a big conspiracy by those accused, culprits out of them majority are Muslims. So they targeted that police station to destroy the records on top priority.

So we can understand now the agony of that planned incident, how  Police will have those proof be presented in the court and how will those people be punished? as they had arrested many more before this incident. Since there are 80% Muslims in Mewat, it is likely that Rohingyas are being employed in this manner under cover of their identity.

As we had recently observed  in France where they burnt old historical library like Nalanada,Vikramshila,Takshsila & more of Bharat by their ancestors like Khilji, Aurangzeb, Akbar, Humayun, Tughluk like looters of our Bharat.The mentality of those Muslims are same-full of destructions & negativity since its inception of their so called Islamic theories.

According to latest reports, these Rohingyas Muslims have widened their wings and bases  in north eastern states also like Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya ,Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, although most of states are now governed by BJP too. In recent cases of Manipur, Rohingyas are also a big factor to disturb the peace of Manipur that was fuelled by oppositions in spite of many bold steps by local & central government. An affidavit has also  been filed in supreme court by Manipur High Court Bar Association with all inputs/chaos of Rohingyas in Manipur tension too.

It is matter of big concern that who will receive the benefit is not up for debate. Instead, the issue is whether forcing people to pack their belongings and leave certain states, where there are more Rohingyas, should be implemented.

The states with the most Rohingyas include Delhi, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, and Jammu & Kashmir. And over the past few years, the biggest turbulence has been caused in these states. Bulldozer will therefore be the only option left as those who arrived as refugees will now disturb the serenity of the nation. With Bulldozer remedy, all concern states including  home ministry of Union government should also enact more tougher laws to control these most sensitive issues for our country.

I think, for the sake of united and strong Bharat, all parties should come together and make strong laws to save our Bharat from these type of turbulences otherwise history will not excuse to concern political parties and policy makers too.

As I think, if ruling party may be successful, for political unity, to eliminate these Rohingyas diseases, government of Bharat should take stern action against Rohingyas Muslims with deport all for the sake of vibrant and developed Bharat, as many times claimed by our PM Narendra Bhai Modi ji.

*Kumar Rakesh is a Sr. Journalist of more than 34 years in Media & Journalism & Editorial Chairman of Global Governance News Group, New Delhi, Bharat & many countries.

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