WHO reports climate change impacts health of pregnant women, children, older people

Anjali Sharma

GG News Bureau
World Health Organization said on Friday that the climate crisis is a global health crisis as it urged governments everywhere to consider how to protect people from the worst impacts of our warming planet.

WHO released new data on the impact of climate change at key life stages to help convince health authorities that the climate emergency should not be ignored,.

This included threats from air pollution, wildfires, flooding and extreme heat.

WHO said that preterm births increase during heat waves, while older people are more likely to suffer heart attacks or respiratory distress.

It noted that indirect impacts on human health from climate change include reduced crop outputs and food shortages, increased vector-borne disease and greater stress which impacts on mental health.

WHO suggested flexible work hours and modifying buildings for childcare, education and healthcare with an emphasis on reducing emissions, too Among the solutions to help mitigate the threat posed by our warming world.

Governments should focus on collaborating with communities and sharing knowledge of what to do during heatwaves or other climate emergencies, WHO added.

It stressed issuing public health messages during peaks in air pollution, so that people can protect themselves, or training health workers to recognize heat stress.

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