We will take toward four years of achievement during the previous chief minister’s regime in assembly elections, Tirath Rawat

BD Kasniyal
GG News Bureau 
Pithoragarh,24th May. Uttarakhand chief Minister Tirath singh Rawat has said that several significant development works have been initiated  in last four years of BJP government under leadership of ex chief minister, and the achievements gained in last four years are significant for party.We will go forward with those achievements too during the election next year.
Talking to GG news correspondent, during second leg of his first kumaon visit in Pithoragarh today, the chief minister said that the party will go in election next year with 7 years achievements of Modi government at Center, last four years achievements in the state under former CM Trivendra Singh Rawat along with the new initiatives taken by his government.
Asked on what he thinks of Vividh crisis he said that it will end and the state will come out of it’s crucial clutches soon. The chief minister said the virus is airborne therefore the exact time of its end  can not be predicted, however his government is doing every bit to bring down the number of infected persons.”whatever is needed to end the virus the is being provided by the government giving special emphasis to the possibility of the third Covid wave of corona in the state.”said the chief minister.
Asked  what his government thinks on the subject of lack of infrastructure in rural as well as urban hospitals in the state, the chief minister said that he has increased facilities 10 times than before in last one months time.”we are installing oxygen generation plants in every district hospital of the state.”said the CM.
Asked why the migrants returned to their villages during last wave of covid, could not  stay in hills permanently, the chief minister said that last time it was complete lockdown, while this time all the industries where these youths work are open, that is why they have returned to their jobs.”
By giving emphasis on tourism,agriculture horticulture and energy sector, our government is trying to create jobs in the himalayan region for the village youth in their respective villages.”said the CM.

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