We Demand Our Rightful Reservation and We Will Get It: Maratha Quota Activist


GG News Bureau

Pune, 20th Nov. Maratha community activist Manoj Jarange-Patil on Monday reiterated his call for the implementation of the Maratha quota, emphasizing the community’s desire for fair representation in government jobs and education.

During a public meeting in the Kharadi area of Pune, Maharashtra, Jarange-Patil engaged with Marathas and raised awareness about the reservation issue. He shared that the government-appointed committee has identified 29 lakh cases where the mention of Kunbi, a sub-caste of Marathas, can be found in relevant documents.

Given this evidence, Jarange-Patil questioned why the Maratha community has been denied reservation for the past 70 years. He demanded accountability from those responsible for withholding the rightful reservation of Marathas.

Jarange-Patil emphasized that the government will not be granted any further time to address this issue. He asserted, “We demand our rightful reservation, and we will achieve it.”

Prior to the public meeting, a bike rally was organized in support of Jarange-Patil.

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