VP Harris stirs online debate over hip-hop dance


Anjali Sharma

GG News Bureau

WASHINGTON DC, 13th Sept. US Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday faced online mockery after a video of her dancing on hip hop music gone viral on the internet.

Harris, 58-year-old, hosted a lively celebration at the White House to commemorate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

According to media reports and social media in a brief 22-second video, shared by political commentator Anthony Brian Logan, Mrs. Harris was captured showcasing her dance moves to hip-hop tunes.

Some online critics didn’t hold back their disdain, labeling her dance as “pure cringe.”

Harris in a 90s-style multi-colored shirt paired with high waist pink trousers.

She danced energetically to the upbeat music at the outdoor White House party, attempted to sing some of the lyrics from the song and swaying to the beats of American rapper Q-Tip’s track.

One internet user commented, “Had it been a man dancing, they would not have criticized so harshly.”

Kamala Harris has seen enjoying quality time with her family and friends on various occasions often sharing these moments on social media.

This openness to sharing her personal life has made her a target for online trolling, as some internet users criticize her for maintaining a life outside of her official duties.

The video incident is one example of the challenges public figures face in balancing their personal lives with their roles in the public eye. It serves as a reminder that, regardless of their position, individuals in the public eye also have their personal moments of enjoyment and self-expression.

The video of Ms. Harris dancing at the White House hip-hop celebration sparked online discussions, with both criticism and support for her right to have fun in her personal life.

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