Uttarakhand Covid health bulletin: 892 COVID positive persons were reported in Uttarakhand according to the heath bulletin released by the government on Friday.

GG News Bureau
Dehradun, 4th June. The death rate was down to 43 while the active cases were 19283 persons.Around 4006 recovered today.Sample Positivity: 6.78% R% Recovery Percentage: 90.44%.Total cumulative Positive COVID-19 detected: 332959.

Total Number (%) of COVID-19 Patients Treated/ Cured: 301128 (90.44%). Total Number (%) of COVID-19 patients migrated out of state: 5917 (1.78%). Total Number (%) of COVID-19 Deaths: 6631* (1.99%).Number of samples found negative for COCoVID-19 today: 25940.Total number of samples sent for COVID-19 testing today: 24172.Total number of cumulative samples found negative: 4580225.Total number of samples result awaited: 587

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