US deputy sec of Homeland Security visits India to co-chair Security Dialogue


Anjali Sharma

GG News Bureau
US Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Kristie Canegallo on Tuesday announced that she will visit India on February 27 to co-chair the US-India Homeland Security Dialogue on Feb 28, according to Biden administration.

US Department of Homeland Security told nerws media that Ms. Canegallo will be in India from February 27 to 29 to co-chair the security dialogue with Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla.
The Homeland Security Dialogue aims to deepen the strategic partnership between the two countries on a range of security issues important to both countries.

She will meet with other senior Indian government officials, the US Department of Homeland Security stated.

The security dialogue will focus on topics such as counterterrorism, concerns related to Sikh radicals, cybersecurity, and aviation security, among other matters.

The anticipated topics for discussion are cooperation in counterterrorism, cybersecurity, combating illegal migration, extradition, aviation security, safeguarding global supply chains, and maritime security, among other areas.

The last homeland security dialogue took place in January 2022.

According to sources, issues linked to Khalistani separatist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun and several fugitives residing in the US are expected to be raised during the dialogue.

India to emphasize issues such as the exploitation of the digital sphere by terrorist organizations for disseminating radical ideologies, and recruitment, and financing terrorism.

India will emphasize the issue of cyberattacks on its essential infrastructure, including banks, railways, power and energy facilities, and hospitals.

The meeting is significant as this would provide another platform for India to raise these issues with the US.

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