UN says 11 staff members detained in Yemen by Houthi

Anjali Sharma

GG News Bureau
 UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric in New York on Friday confirmed that Houthi de facto authorities in Yemen have detained 11 UN national staff working for the Organization in the country.

Mr. Dujarric said “We are very concerned about these developments, and we are actively seeking clarification from the Houthi de facto authorities regarding the circumstances of these detentions and most importantly to ensure the immediate access to those UN personnel,”.

He told reporters in New York that of the detainees, 2 are women and nine are men. 6 work for the UN human rights office with 5 working for different UN agencies and the Office of the UN Special Envoy in Yemen.

He noted that militants from the Houthi movement control most of Yemen including the capital, and in recent months have attacked vessels in the Red Sea in response to Israel’s military offensive in Gaza.

Mr. Dujarric assured that the UN is “pursuing all available channels to secure the safe and unconditional release of all of them, as rapidly as possible.”

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