UN agencies reports 700,000 children face malnutrition in Sudan war


Anjali Sharma

GG News Bureau
UN agencies on Friday warned that 700,000 children in Sudan facing life threatening malnutrition form of hunger due to the ongoing war.

UNICEF spokesperson James Elder said “The world’s largest displacement of children has been seen in Sudan.“

Elder stated that “Four million children have been displaced.  That’s 13,000 children every single day, for 300 days. Safety is gone. Worldly possessions are gone. Friends and family members separated or lost. Hope fading.”

UN aid coordination office appealed for $2.7 billion to meet most urgent needs inside Sudan. Only 4% is funded.

OCHA said despite dire warnings about the scale and severity of the hunger and displacement crisis in Sudan, after rival Sudanese militaries embarked on a brutal conflict last April. Both forces have refused regional and international calls for peace.

Mr. Elder told that over 700,000 children who are likely to suffer severe acute malnutrition form of hunger.

UNICEF “won’t be able to treat more than 300,000 of those without improved access and without additional support. In that case, tens of thousands would likely die.”

OCHA and the UNHCR appealed in a joint statement for international efforts to help the people of Sudan and Sudanese refugees.

WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic waned that assistance can’t come too soon who stressed the immediate positive impact on removing all aid obstacles.

“These babies can recover very quickly. If there is a possibility to provide them with therapeutic feeding, babies in a matter of few days can go from the brink of death to be playing, you know, in those (nutrition) centres,” he said.

People of Sudan have endured a 500 per cent increase in verified cases of killings, sexual violence and recruitment into armed groups compared a year ago in addition to millions of people uprooted by the conflict and life-threatening hunger.

Mr. Edler said that “That equates to a terrifying number of children killed, raped or recruited. And these numbers are, of course, the tip of the iceberg,”.

“This is a war destroying health and nutrition systems, and that is killing people,” he insisted.


“This is a war destroying the concept of respect for the laws of war, and that is killing people. This is a war destroying families’ ability to feed and protect themselves and that is killing people. But this is also a war destroying opportunity, and that destroys a country and the future of an entire generation,” he concluded.

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