Telangana: Minor Hindu Girl Befriended by Muslim Girl, Alert Local Hindus Prevent Her Marriage to a Muslim Boy

GG News Bureau

Hyderabad, 13th May. Hindu organizations prevented (archived tweet) a minor Hindu girl from falling into the trap of the Muslim conversion mafia in Telangana.

The case appears to be similar to the plot of the film The Kerala Story where the girl, who is a student in the ninth class, was befriended by a Muslim girl and later introduced to a Muslim boy.

The duo were about to get married when Hindu organizations intervened in a timely manner and handed them over to the police.

Local media reports state that a Muslim youth who had arrived with a Hindu minor and a Muslim girl was caught by local Hindus at Basara and handed over to the police.

During the course of the inquiry, it came to light that the youth identified as Shaikh Faiyaz, hails from Tondapur in Nizamabad Zilla’s Nandipet Mandalam. Faiyaz works as a bike mechanic.

The Muslim female is related to Faiyaz and is identified as Neha. She was friends with the Hindu minor hailing from Marampalli.

Neha introduced the minor to her cousin Faiyaz around three months ago. Faiyaz brainwashed the minor girl into believing that he was in love with her. He also succeeded in convincing the victim to elope to Basara with him where the two were to tie the knot.

Alert locals, however, prevented the marriage after they learned the truth following their questioning.

Subsequently, they informed both families as well as the police. Hindu organizations have questioned the motive behind the minor being trapped.

The police have filed a case and are currently investigating the matter.


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