Sunak urges Israel to keep ‘calm heads’ against Iran attack


Anjali Sharma

GG News Bureau
WASHINGTON DC, 18th April.
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Weddnesday spoke to his counterpart Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu”.

Sunak has told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu it is “a moment for calm heads to prevail” in Israel’s response to Iran’s missile and drone attack.

Israeli media had reported that Netanyahu was refusing to take calls from world leaders seeking to influence the response to Saturday night’s attack.

Downing Street spokesperson said Sunak “reiterated the UK’s steadfast support for Israel’s security and for wider regional stability”.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked the UK for its rapid and robust support in the face of Iran’s reckless and dangerous attack on Saturday,” the spokesperson added.

“The Prime Minister said Iran had badly miscalculated and was increasingly isolated on the global stage, with the G7 co-ordinating a diplomatic response. He stressed that significant escalation was in no one’s interest and would only deepen insecurity in the Middle East. This was a moment for calm heads to prevail.”

Sunak told the Israeli Prime Minister that “he remained gravely concerned about the deepening humanitarian crisis” in Gaza.

“The UK wanted to see a massive step change in aid access to flood Gaza with vital supplies, including Israel opening up new aid routes as quickly as possible,” the spokesperson said.

Sunak said that it was “deeply disappointing that Hamas blocked a deal at the weekend that would have saved Palestinian lives and secured the safe release of hostages”.

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