Spectacular Performance of Uttarakhand’s Jai Praksh Joshi in London Local Body Election Results Announced Today

GG News Bureau

Derby, 7th May. London Local Body Election results have been announced today. Jai Prakash Joshi, a resident of Ghansali in Uttarakhand’s Tehri district, and Gaurav of Bageshwar were also trying their luck in the local body elections in Derby, London. The election results have been announced today.

Jai Prakash Joshi, a resident of Chani village of Bhilangana block has registered a spectacular presence in the local body elections in Derby city of England. However, he could not win the election as a counselor. He received 791 votes. The Labor Party candidate was victorious in this election from his ward. According to Joshi, the Labor Party candidate got 1400 votes. Joshi said that he has gained many experiences from contesting elections. He further said the love he has received from the people of India and Uttarakhand in the election will always inspire him to fight.

He said that during elections, he has got an opportunity to build a new relationship with the people of England and India. He is always ready to help the needy people of Uttarakhand. There is a discussion going on with the non residents about how to help the needy people in the corona period.

A total of four candidates were in the fray against the ruling Conservative Party candidate Joshi. His main contest was against the candidate of the opposition Labor Party. This was Joshi’s fourth counselor election. Joshi is also associated with Uttarakhand’s regional party UKD.

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