Sikkim: ICFAI University Recognizes Outstanding Students at Felicitation Ceremony

GG News Bureau
Gangtok, 6th June.
 ICFAI University, Sikkim, a prestigious institution known for its commitment to academic excellence, recently hosted a Felicitation Ceremony to honor the exceptional achievements of its students. The event, attended by esteemed guests and dignitaries, celebrated the academic success of over 79 students who have demonstrated outstanding performance in their respective fields of study.

The Felicitation Ceremony was a collaborative effort supported by World Book Records U.K, Confederation of Indian Universities, IAEWP, UPF, and Confederation of Young Leaders. The event began with an inspiring video message from World Book of Record President Sri Sontosh Shukla and Dr. P R Trivedi, Chairman of Confederation of Indian Universities, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and continuous learning in achieving success.

Retd. Brigadier Mothi George Jacob, Director/Principal of Tashi Namgyal Academy, delivered a motivational speech encouraging students to strive for excellence and set ambitious goals for themselves. His words of wisdom resonated with the students, inspiring them to push their boundaries and reach greater heights in their academic pursuits.

Deputy Inspector General Mr. Balwan Singh highlighted the significance of discipline and determination in personal and professional growth, congratulating the students on their remarkable achievements. He encouraged the students to leverage their education to make a positive impact on society, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

The Honorable Vice-Chancellor of ICFAI University, Sikkim, Dr. Jagannath Patnaik, expressed pride in the students’ accomplishments and reiterated the university’s commitment to providing a nurturing educational environment. Dr. Patnaik emphasized the importance of academic excellence and holistic development, fostering a sense of purpose and ambition among the student community.

Mr. Tenzing Pradhan, CEO of SIBIN Group, shared his success stories and inspired students to become self-starters with discipline and resilience. His insights into overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities motivated the students to cultivate a mindset of perseverance and tenacity in the face of adversity. Mr. Pramod Dalmia, a leading industry leader, spoke about the importance of the industry-academia interface and the opportunities for practice-based learning, while Mr. Binay Chettri, Proprietor of B&B Events, highlighted the presence of local universities and encouraged students to explore career programs offered by these institutions.

Certificates and trophies were presented to the meritorious students, with special recognition given to the school toppers for their exceptional performance. The students were commended for setting a high standard for their peers and showcasing exceptional academic prowess. A cultural program by the university’s students added a touch of creativity and vibrancy to the event, showcasing the diverse talents of the student body.

The Felicitation Ceremony concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by Dr. Rohit Rathi, Registrar of ICFAI University, Sikkim, expressing gratitude to all attendees for their support and contributions to the success of the event. Dr. Rathi emphasized the spirit of unity and collaboration at the university, where everyone works towards a common goal of excellence and achievement.

ICFAI University, Sikkim, remains dedicated to providing a world-class education and nurturing future leaders and innovators. The Felicitation Ceremony served as a testament to the university’s commitment to recognizing and honoring the achievements of its students, instilling values of hard work, dedication, and perseverance in the pursuit of success. As the students embark on their journeys, they carry with them the lessons learned and inspiration garnered from this enriching event.

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