Second Wave of Corona: 8 People Died Due to Lack of Oxygen at Batra Hospital in Delhi

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 1st May. Eight people died due to lack of oxygen at Batra Hospital in Delhi today. This information was given by a hospital official. The official said that the HOD of Gastroenterology Department was also among those who died due to lack of oxygen at Batra Hospital in Delhi.

Earlier in the day, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejiwal said that there is a severe shortage of oxygen in the state. SOS messages are coming from every hospital. We have spoken to the court and have written a letter to the Center that Delhi needs 976 tons of oxygen daily but only 490 tons of oxygen is being received. He said that yesterday we got only 312 tons of oxygen. How will this work?

The Delhi High Court has ordered the central government to provide 490 metric tons of oxygen to Delhi today by whatever means.

The Delhi High Court said that this is the limit and now everything will have to be managed by the Center. The High Court asked the Center why the four oxygen tankers allotted to Delhi were not issued by the Rajasthan government despite the order. The court said that the next hearing will be held on Monday.

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