Rights experts calls to stop flow of weapons to junta in Myanmar


Anjali Sharma

GG News Bureau
UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Myanmar Tom Andrews said on Wednesday that urgent action is needed to save lives after the intensifying conflict in Myanmar.

Tom Andrews called for the international community to take immediate measures to stop the flow of weapons that he said Myanmar’s military government is using to commit probable war crimes and crimes against humanity.

“Unlike other conflicts where there are calls for more and more weapons, UN Member States can make a critical difference in Myanmar by stopping the flow of weapons to a military junta that is responding to growing losses of territory and troops with indiscriminate attacks on villages,” he said.

He stressed that “there is no time to waste.”

Andrews said over a quarter of a million people have been displaced throughout the country in recent weeks.

“These developments should lay to rest any notion that the military can act as a stabilising or unifying force,” he said.

He added “its relentless attacks and rampant human rights violations are unifying the country in opposition.”

Mr. Andrews said measures must be taken now to help ground junta jets and helicopter gunships that are attacking villages, schools, hospitals, and camps for displaced persons, and cutting off access to fuel is a key step.

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