Ramdev shares video clip of Aamir Khan amid controversy over IMA, says if you have guts open a front against him.

GG News Bureau
New Delhi ,29th May. The yoga Guru Ramdev who also run an Ayruveda business empire has been copiously questioning the modern medical technique also known as allopathy due to which he has been caught in a row with Indian Medical Association resulting in a controversy.
In his fresh tirade against IMA Baba Ramdev has once again targeted allopathy. Ramdev on Saturday shared a video clip of Aamir Khan’s TV show Satyamev Jayate and challenged the IMA and questioned them if they have guts to open a front against the Bollywood actor Amir Khan.
To prove his point Ramdev shared the old video of ‘Satyamev Jayate’, a televised serial where one of the doctors is telling Aamir Khan how pharma companies work in connivance with doctors due to which people are forced to buy medicines at exorbitant price. In this show doctors explain that the actual price of medicines is exceptionally low and they on numerous occasions have purchased at 50 times the price making it unaffordable for the poor. Ramdev tweeted the video and wrote, “If these medical mafias have the courage, open a front against Aamir Khan.

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