Rahul Gandhi Mocks Political Opponents for Attention-Seeking


GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 1st Dec. Taking a jab at his political opponents in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi, a leader of the Congress party, stated on Friday that the leaders in the national capital prefer to have all attention on them, but he chooses to give the microphone to the people instead.

Speaking at an event where he presented the first Priyadarshini Literary Award by KPCC to renowned writer T Padmanabhan, Gandhi remarked that politicians are an amusing group of individuals, always seeking the spotlight.

“It (loudspeakers) is not facing the crowd because we like to hear ourselves speak. Every time I go there, I have to turn the speakers the other way. I think, in today’s India, it is very important that the speaker is allowed to be turned the other way. Because, if you look at your leadership in Delhi, all loudspeakers and cameras are pointed in this direction,” Gandhi said.

He said that there is, of course, a big difference between writers like Padmanabhan and politicians like him.

“It is much easier for Padmanabhan to speak the truth than it is for politicians. That is something which he has done in his whole life without exception,” he said.

He encouraged politicians to aspire to be like writers, who freely express their thoughts, but acknowledged that it is a more challenging task.

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