Rahul Gandhi asserts, India has twice as high unemployment as Pakistan


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Madhya Pradesh, 3rd March. Rahul Gandhi claimed on Sunday that small businesses have been destroyed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s major decisions, such as the demonetisation of currency and the introduction of the goods and services tax (GST).

During his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, he made a statement to a group in Madhya Pradesh, stating that India has a greater rate of youth unemployment than Bangladesh and Bhutan. “The country’s unemployment rate has reached its highest point in the previous 40 years right now. India’s unemployment rate is twice that of Pakistan’s. Rahul Gandhi was quoted by ANI as saying in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, “We have more unemployed youth than Bangladesh and Bhutan because Narendra Modi has finished small businesses by demonetization and implementing GST.”

According to the 2022 World Bank report, India has a higher youth unemployment rate—23.22%—than its neighboring countries, Bangladesh 12.9% and Pakistan 11.3%

The leader of the Congress also highlighted data on social injustice, which showed that 73 percent of people are backwards 50%, tribal 8%, and Dalit 15%.

“Among these 73%, not a single person works for a large corporation. Then he said, “Modi Ji says that I work for the underprivileged.”

Rahul Gandhi then questioned how someone could be against a caste census without being aware of the number and affluence of tribal people, Dalits, and other backward classes.

“Why would anyone object to this? Narendra Modi ji says that there is no caste in the country. There are only two, poor and rich. If so then how did you become OBC?” he added.

“Narendra Modi ji is afraid because he does not want this 73% to know the truth of the country,” Rahul Gandhi claimed.


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