Pune Police Warn Criminals: No Glorification of Crimes on Social Media


GG News Bureau
Pune, 7th Feb. 
In a proactive move, more than 260 criminals on record in Pune were summoned to the Pune Police Commissionerate on Tuesday and sternly cautioned against engaging in unlawful activities and refraining from glorifying their acts on social media platforms.

Gang members like Gajanan Marne, Nilesh Ghaywal, Baba Bodke, and Tipu Pathan were among those who queued up before the police commissioner office, where they received directives from senior police officials of the crime branch.

Commissioner Amitesh Kumar, who recently assumed office, unveiled plans to compile a list of the top 20 criminals from each police station to closely monitor their activities. Speaking to PTI, Kumar described the initiative as a preemptive measure aimed at counseling individuals with criminal records and ensuring their compliance with the law.

“They have been apprised that their records have been updated, and they have been urged to cooperate with the authorities. Their current activities and fingerprints are being documented,” Kumar elaborated.

Highlighting the significance of proactive intervention, Kumar emphasized that the objective of the drive was to send a strong message to criminals that any violation of the law would be met with strict consequences.

“We don’t want to merely react after a crime occurs; we want to prevent it from happening in the first place. That was the rationale behind today’s initiative,” he stressed.

Kumar also cautioned criminals against sharing content on social media platforms that glorifies illegal activities, underscoring the importance of responsible online conduct.

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