Protests Break Out After Domestic Helper Dies After Falling From Noida Building: Police


GG News Bureau
Noida, 3rd April. 
A 17-year-old girl who worked as a domestic helper died after falling from the 19th floor of a residential building in Greater Noida West on Tuesday morning, the police said.

The incident occurred around 9 am at the VVIP Homes Society in Greater Noida West, leading to protests by other domestic workers in the area.

The protesters blocked a road, claiming that the girl had been molested and pushed by a resident from the eighth floor.

However, the police stated that CCTV footage from the eighth floor showed the girl talking on her phone as she took the elevator to the 19th floor.

Since there were no CCTV cameras on the 19th floor, it was unclear whether she jumped or fell from there, the police added.

At around 9 am, the local police station received a report of a girl’s suicide at the VVIP Homes society. She was employed as a domestic helper. A police team arrived at the scene and reviewed the CCTV footage, said Additional DCP (Central Noida) Hirdesh Katheriya.

Initial investigations revealed that the girl and her mother, who also worked as a domestic helper, entered the society at 8:13 am. The girl was seen talking on the phone at 9 am. She then took the elevator to the 19th floor at 9:14 am, where the incident occurred, according to Hirdesh Katheriya.

The police are currently looking into the matter and questioning the owners of the flats where she worked to determine the circumstances of her fall, the officer mentioned.

He added that the police are waiting for a formal complaint from the girl’s family to file a First Information Report (FIR) in the case.
Meanwhile, the girl’s mother and other domestic helpers gathered outside the residential complex, blocking the road in protest and demanding the arrest of the resident from the flat where she last worked.

One protester claimed that the girl’s clothes were torn when her body was discovered on the ground, alleging that she had been molested and thrown from the high-rise building.

The protest led to increased security presence at the society, but the road was eventually reopened for traffic, officials reported.

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