PM Modi Interacts with Top Indian Gamers, Explores Future of Gaming Industry


GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 13th April. 
Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in a candid dialogue with leading Indian gamers, delving into various aspects of the gaming industry and its future trajectory.

During the interactive session, Prime Minister Modi posed thought-provoking questions to the gamers, showcasing his interest in the gaming realm while also trying his hand at some of the games.

Addressing the gamers, Prime Minister Modi proposed an innovative idea titled “Mission LIFE,” emphasizing the importance of altering daily lifestyles to benefit the environment. He envisioned a game focused on tackling global climate issues, where players would explore diverse methods and solutions to identify the most sustainable approach.

“What are these steps? How do we navigate through it and choose the best approach for success? Take swachhata as an example, the game theme could revolve around cleanliness, and every child should play this game. Youngsters should embrace Indian values and understand their true significance,” Prime Minister Modi expressed during the interaction.

The discussion spanned various topics, including recent developments in the gaming industry. Prime Minister Modi highlighted the government’s acknowledgment of gamers’ creativity, underscoring its efforts to promote the gaming sector in India.

Furthermore, the conversation touched upon the distinction between gambling and gaming, with an emphasis on the participation of women in the gaming industry. Prime Minister Modi emphasized the importance of creating a conducive environment for equal participation and opportunities in gaming.

The interaction between Prime Minister Modi and top Indian gamers reflects the government’s commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the gaming sector, recognizing its potential as a significant contributor to India’s digital landscape.

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