Our Global Leader PM Modi’s Guarantee for People Works Everywhere: Ajay Bhatt


Mr Ajay Bhatt, a renowned BJP leader in Uttarakhand, represents the Nainital-Udham Singh Nagar Lok Sabha seat as an MP. He holds the dual positions of Honourable Minister of State for Tourism and Defence at the same time in the Modi Government.

Mr. Bhatt was born on May 1, 1961, in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand. He is an advocate by profession, having graduated from Kumaon University in Nainital with a degree in law.He started his political career in 1980 and was elected to the position of District President after that he had been promoted to the Member of  Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) State Executive Council in 1985.

He became well-known as an informed and capable political leader in the states of Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Uttarakhand after winning a seat in the Legislative Assembly of the state of UP in 1996. Before taking over as Bharat’s Minister of State, Mr. Ajay Bhatt had served for Uttarakhand’s Legislative Assembly (MLA). Regarded as one of the most senior BJP leaders in Uttarakhand, he has held multiple ministerial positions in the Uttarakhand government also.

In the 2019 general elections, he trounced veteran Indian National Congress leader and former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat, by a massive majority of 3,39,096 votes in the Nainital-Udham Singh Nagar constituency.

Prior to the 2017 state elections, he led the opposition in the Uttarakhand Assembly. He oversaw numerous Uttarakhand government Ministries in his capacity as a Minister. He is regarded as one of Uttarakhand’s most senior BJP leaders. He was the Ranikhet Assembly’s MLA for a while.

The honourable Minister is a well-known writer on a wide range of legal and socially conscious topics, as well as an accomplished debater and voracious reader. He has a formidable reputation as a defender of the ordinary people and is a fervent advocate and practitioner of social service.

Mr. Bhatt has a strong commitment to the concept of an “Aatmanirbhar Bharat”of Independent Bharat. He has a lot of faith in Bharat’s Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSME) to propel the nation’s continuous efforts to become a net exporter of defence equipment instead of a big importer.

Following the impending Lok Sabha election 2024, Mr. AJAY BHATT, Senior BJP Leader & UNION MINISTER OF STATE,GOVT OF BHARAT  shared some time for our Exclusive Interviews for our GLOBAL GOVERNANCE NEWS GROUP in between his busy election campaign  at Rudrapur,(Shahid Udham Singh Nagar) Uttrakhand on 6th April 2024 with Sr Journalist  KUMAR RAKESH.

He addressed every topic pertaining to Bharat’s integrated development since 2014 in his candid interviews, assuring us of Modi’s development goal for New Bharat. He agreed with PM Modi ji’s promises that “Abki Baar 400 Paar” means the BJP-led NDA will win 400 seats in this election, and that his Lok Sabha constituency would win “Abki Baar 5 Lakh Paar.” As we all know, the last time this happened in 2019 in the Shri Bhatt’s constituency, the winning margin was roughly 3.30 lakhs to defeat Mr. Harish Rawat, the Congress candidate, and the former Chief Minister.

Some Excerpts from his long candid Exclusive Interview-:

Kumar Rakesh: You have worked in this government, worked in the organization also.Nowyou had worked as Minister in Modi government office for 5years.how do you see it?

Ajay Bhatt: Incredible! We don’t get to see such times. You have heard the story of Atal Bihari Bajpi. What has happened to the country in these 10 years? No one expected that we would speak so much under the leadership of Modi ji. There is no such area where we have not achieved rapid change. There is no area. You see, those who enslaved us were the 5 economic powers, during the Corona period we jumped from 10 to 5. And they got lost. But today there are among those 5 countries, we are one of them. This has happened so many times that it cannot be forgotten. That’s why I said, incredible! Its Modi magic of development.न भूतो,न भविष्यति( not in past, never in future)

Kumar Rakesh: But this is the first time in the history of Independent Bharat, the election is being held on the issue of development. What can you say about this?

Ajay Bhatt: Modi ji has worked from the heart. For this reason, it is stated that he both lays the foundation stone and conducts the inauguration. This is the fact, 30 years ago 20 years ago the foundation stone was laid at the time of elections. But today as we inaugurated the projects, that was completed within the time target. See the example of the new Parliament. How our PM Modi ji took personal care for those prosperous projects. In reality, whatever said, that is done. Congress people do not have any vision. There is no vision among those in Congress. As you can see, the Atal Tunnel was planned by Atal Ji, and during the ten years of congress regime there was not a single inch of progress made on this project. Two years after Modi ji took office in 2014, the Atal Tunnel was officially opened. You may go there now, and our brothers who live on the border as well as the military can find anything they need. So Atal tunnel to Atal Setu, it’s a developmental miracle in the history of new Bharat by our global leader Sri Modiji.

This time the issue is about leadership, the issue is Bharat’s prestige at the international level, which has fallen before. The issue is in water, on land, in air, we are strong everywhere. We have extended an equal hand to all other nations in this regard; we have received an equal hand in return. Remember, we don’t have one power now, which only limited countries have, you all know, that is the power of VETO. But we are no less than others. This is the bottom line, and the issue is unanimous leadership. If there is any leader of the world today, it is Honorable our PM Shri Modi ji.

Today every country is fighting with each other.  But there is only one personality that is our Modi ji who has maintained great cordial relations with everyone. His glory has been made visible in the world again and again.

Kumar Rakesh: What do you think about Congress’s new manifesto called Nyaya Patra?

Ajay Bhatt: That is nothing. There are a bunch of lies. How many letters have they published till date? Since independence till today, they have been fooling Bharat. Even today, when the Parliament session is going on, every leader knows one thing, fight and run. Today they came with, Ghoshna Patra, you are doing a drama, take out 10-12 years out of 75 years it was their government. They have drowned the country. . Every day a new minister was going behind the bars. They were limited with the ideology of me, my family and my children, they never listened to the countrymen. The poverty ratio has increased drastically. There was no one to care for the poor. All poor governance was in their regime. If you remember that quote of PM Rajiv Gandhiji-as we give one rupees to the needy people that reach in the form 15 paise, where 85 gone? That was his concern. But that was only a concern, nothing happened on ground zero. Why? I think only the congress party was responsible for doing nothing for our country.

Today our PM Modi ji came & whatever he promised to the country, that was done, that’s why PM Modi ji said Modi ki Guarantee. As we know that one rupee has been released from the centre that deposited in the form of one rupee directly to the concerned beneficiaries. Its new development model of new Bharat. so that should be utilised on the ground. No in the middlemen’s account. That is why they are saying that we should defeat Modiji and save the country. Meaning, those who had destroyed the country are still giving these slogans.

Meri Beti, Meri Bete Ko Laye, Meri Pariwar Ko Laye or this is the kind of fake slogans they are creating confusions only.So our NDA leadership is for Country new visions of development, but INDI alliance for only creating Confusions.

Just tell me! Who did the surgical strike? Who did the air strike? Who taught a lesson for what China did in Galwan? So we have been going to be strong day by day in all manners in the great, visionary, inspiring leadership of our global leader PM Modi ji. In 2024, we will also cross 400 seats in Lok Sabha by all means.

Kumar Rakesh: If we talk about Uttarakhand, there are 5 Lok Sabha seats in Uttarakhand. What do you think this time in your election?

Ajay Bhatt: 5 out of 5 seats, we will win with a huge margin. This time we will exceed my winning margin by 5 lakh votes, as  people of Nainital-Shahid Udham Singh Nagar constituency are talking about this. And I feel that these people are giving this slogan happily. Wherever we are going, if you are from Lotus (Kamal), this time the seat is yours. This time the seat will cross 5 lakhs. This will happen due to our PM Modi ji only.

Kumar Rakesh: What are the issues this time?

Ajay Bhatt: This time the issue is of development. I said it is about unanimous leadership, there is development. The development work worth Rs 1.5 lakh crore is going on. And the same amount of development work is  in the pipeline. Now from here the train will go to Karnprayag mountain. It was such a way that even while traveling in the car was difficult. Now trains will go, and an international level airport will be constructed near Pant Nagar, two AIIMs have been opened in the state. And from here you can travel to Sri Harmandir Sahib i.e., Amritsar, Golden Temple.

We raised it in the Parliament, and after raising it, today Sikh people are going, and people from Radhaswami Samaj are also travelling there, our military soldiers are going to Wagha Border. And that’s not all; we have started big projects on the Rope way from Haldwani to Nainital. The Prime Minister has inaugurated it. Now in 15-20 minutes you can reach Nainital by ropeway. We have just completed the preparation of 710 crore rupees for making double lanes for Nainital. And this is where we say Rs 1100 crore has just been spent for Rudrapur bypass. Earlier, no one talked about this bypass, but today the value of the land is increasing. They have been fixed. And after independence, for the first time a Cath lab will be set up in a hospital, in a government hospital, Army has got the agreement for Cath lab by demanding CSR 11.5 crore from UPSC. The first open heart surgery will be done in Halwani in Kumaon region. There was no such thing in government hospitals earlier. There is only one in Dehradun that started a month ago.

So one new dimension is being brought. Medical college, Rs 350 crore has been invested, it is ready, only faculty appointment is yet to be done. 

Kumar Rakesh: So you mean, you are happy with your all works and now you will win to cross 5 lakh votes?

Ajay Bhatt: Certainly. Sure, with Smiling,  Our leader PM Modi ji ki Guarantee!!!

Kumar Rakesh- Best Wishes for your grand victory in Lok Sabha 2024 election!!!!!


*Kumar Rakesh, Sr Journalist, Writer, Political Analyst, Broadcaster has been active in journalism and writing for approximately 35 years. He has worked in several esteemed media organizations in Bharat and has been instrumental in creating 9 TV news channels in the country. Through his career, he has had the opportunity to travel to over 50 countries, reporting and writing on various topics. Mr. Rakesh has received numerous accolades and honors both in Bharat and internationally for his contributions to the field of Media &Communications. Currently, he has been serving as the Editorial Chairman of Global Governance News Group &Samagra Bharat Media Group, New Delhi & 18 countries.
For any queries, please contact him – at krakesh8@gmail.com

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