Only A Few Muslim MLAs Will Remain In Congress Before 2026 Polls: Assam CM Himanta Sarma


GG News Bureau
Guwahati, 28th Feb. 
In a statement on Tuesday, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma forecasted a decrease in Muslim representation within the Congress party by the time of the 2026 assembly election. Speaking to reporters in Bishwanath district, Sarma indicated that only a handful of Muslim MLAs, including Rakibul Hussain, Rekibuddin Ahmed, Jakir Hussain Sikdar, and Nurul Huda, would likely remain within the party ranks.

Responding to queries about Congress leader Rana Goswami’s potential shift to the BJP, Sarma expressed openness, stating he would welcome such a move if it materializes. However, he emphasized the complexity of political decisions, suggesting that multiple factors must be considered.

State Water Resources Minister Pijush Hazarika echoed Sarma’s sentiments, asserting that apart from specific individuals mentioned, most Congress leaders and MLAs are in communication with their party.

The remarks came amidst escalating tensions between Sarma and Assam Pradesh Congress Chief Bhupen Borah. Borah accused Sarma of exhibiting fear through his purportedly hostile conduct towards him and his family. Allegations included the transfer of Borah’s relatives, who are government employees, to distant corners of the state. Borah also criticized the lack of increased security following an assault he endured during the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in January.

In response, Hazarika defended the government’s actions, emphasizing the impartiality of employee transfers and dismissing any notion of preferential treatment based on political affiliations.

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