No doctor in the Indian Red Cross Society Hospital at Nagtath from 25 years irks residents.

GG News Bureau
Dehradun,1st June. The absence of the doctors in the Indian Red Cross Society Hospital at Nagtath for 35 years irks residents of Lakhya and Kyari villages who are struggling to take on the Covid challenge in an effective manner.
The residents of the two villages collectively donated the land for the hospital to Red cross society 25 years ago but after the construction of the 35-bed hospital, no arrangement of the doctor has been made despite the surge in the pandemic in the state.
Dinesh Chauhan a resident of Kyara village said, “Apart from two or three subordinate employees no doctor has ever stepped into the hospital that since its inception 25 years ago. “Our elders contributed by donating the land free of cost t in the hope that one day the hospital here would end their medical owes but it has remained a distant dream,” said Dinesh Chauhan.
Another resident Ramesh Singh from Lakhya said during any emergency we are forced to tread several kilometres to get effective medical treatment and sometimes it leads to the death of the patient on the way due to the absence of the hospital around our region. “If the hospital would have been running it could have served people as effective Covid centre with people receiving the medical services at their doorsteps. Dr MS Ansari, General Secretary, Uttarakhand Red Cross Society expressed his helplessness at the start of the hospital here and said that two hospitals were constructed by Red cross society in Garhwal, one in Chamba and other here at Nagthat in Chakrata sub- development area, but due to the paucity of funds these two facilities in abandonment. He also revealed that the red cross through a letter authorized the health department that it was free to use the facilities especially considering the Covid pandemic but there has been no response so far.
Jubin Nautiyal the celebrated Bollywood singer from the state during his visit to the Hospital that it has been reduced to the level of a white elephant and the red cross society has cheated the people here.
Dinesh Chauhan, the local resident said that we have apprised all the officials and the politicians about the present condition at the hospital but are yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The residents feel that it is the gross negligence of their human rights and would be soon filing a complaint in front of the human rights commission and if need be, they will also take the shelter of the courts so that Justice already delayed is not denied. The residents also said that if the society cannot run the hospital, it should return our land so that we are able to make alternative arrangements and carry forward our fight with the Covid virus in a much more effective manner.

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