No Corruption Charges Against Any Minister in Modi Government: Rajnath Singh


GG News Bureau
Chamoli, 12th April. 
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s governance, asserting that not a single accusation of corruption has been leveled against any minister in the Modi-led administration over the past decade.

Speaking at a public gathering in Gauchar, Chamoli district, Uttarakhand, Singh commended the integrity of Modi’s government, stating, “No person in India or the world can point a finger and claim that there has been even the slightest allegation of corruption against any minister under Modi ji’s leadership in the past 10 years.”

Taking a swipe at the opposition, Singh contrasted the Modi government’s track record with the Congress’s history of corruption scandals, highlighting instances where ministers were jailed due to serious corruption allegations.

Singh emphasized the transformative initiatives undertaken by the Modi government, citing the Jan Dhan Yojana as an example of its commitment to transparency and accountability. He underscored the scheme’s success in ensuring that every paisa withdrawn from banks reaches the intended beneficiaries, without any leakage or corruption.

Furthermore, Singh stressed the need for systemic reforms to eradicate corruption entirely, emphasizing the importance of structural changes in governance.

The Defence Minister also lauded Modi’s leadership in bolstering national security, citing initiatives such as the implementation of ‘One Rank, One Pension’ and the provision of indigenous bulletproof jackets to soldiers.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi, addressing a rally in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, highlighted the government’s achievements in strengthening the country over the past decade. He underscored the importance of a stable government in combating terrorism and ensuring national security.

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami echoed Modi’s sentiments, praising the Prime Minister’s dedication to advancing the nation and crediting his leadership for the BJP’s success in the 2022 elections. Dhami emphasized the government’s commitment to fulfilling its promises, including the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code, aimed at ensuring equal rights for all citizens.

In contrast, Dhami criticized the Congress for advocating the Muslim Personal Law in their manifesto, urging the public to embrace development over casteism and classism under Modi’s leadership.

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