New Historical Varanasi Court Order-Hindu Society Regained the Old Rights to Worship in the Gyanvapi Temple complex

Pooja Rituals Starts in Garbh Griha

Kumar Rakesh
Kumar Rakesh

Kumar Rakesh

After Judgement  of a significant ruling in the Gyanvapi Mandir case on 31st Jan 2024, the Hindus of Bharat regained the old rights to worship in the Gyanvapi Mandir complex’s Garbh Grih (basement) Vyasji.But some parts are still illegally occupied by muslim society.On that part court proceedings are on.After survey of Archeological Survey of India(ASI) report ,Varanasi court has delivered his significant judgment on 31st Jan 2024.

The Varanasi District Court ruled out the old illegal ban by Mulayam Singh Yadav Govt in 1993 on Hindus worshiping Gyanvapi temple. This ruling was made by the Varanasi court in support of Hindus. The ruling states that Hindus are now entitled to pray in the Gyanvapi Temple basement.

Let us inform you that on Tuesday, the parties’ arguments regarding the application pertaining to worship in the Gyanvapi basement of Vyasji were concluded in the court of District Judge Dr. Ajay Krishna Vishwesh. On Wednesday, the court issued its ruling in this case. The order states that the Hindus are now authorized to pray/worship in the basement.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) report that asserted the presence of a Hindu temple prior to the construction of the mosque was made available to the litigants six days prior to the court’s decision. The court’s order to permit prayers in the mosque complex’s southern cellar, which Mulayam Singh had forbidden in 1993, further escalated the tense standoff between Hindu litigants and the Anjuman Intezamia Masajid Committee.

Mulayam sealed Gyanvapi’s “Tahkhana.”

Since 1569 to 1993 , the Gyanvapi Temple in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, had a full rights of worship except some illegally occupied area by muslim invaders .Due to that a important area of Temple was called Grabh Griha (basement) known as “Vyasji ka tehkhana,” where regular aarti and puja had been performed. The basement bears the name of the Vyas family, who are said to have performed puja there for more than 200 years.

When Mulayam Singh Yadav was the state’s Chief Minister, he forbade Hindus from attending the Mata Shringar Gauri temple for worship to allure muslim votes at the cost of humiliations of Hindu society.Its same Mulayam Singh Yadav,So called socialist leader father of New leader Akhilesh Yadav of UP had worked like old Muslim invader Aurangzeb,who had destroyed many temples in Bharat.It was Mulayam Singh yadav,in which reign more than hundred Kar sevaks were brutally shot dead in 1990 in Ayodhya area.History will never forgive any one who were villains of Sanatan Hindu Society in new Bharat.

According to petitioner Shailendra Vyas, who had stated in a court petition about GyanVapi Temple- “Mulayam Singh Yadav government erected a steel fence in December 1993 without any judicial order, thus stopping the puja,” according to the report.

Directive to schedule a worship service within seven days

The DM has been given a seven-day deadline by District Judge Dr. Ajay Krishna Vishwesh’s court to arrange for the worship. In addition, the plaintiff’s priests and the Kashi Vishwanath Trust Board have been ordered by the court to conduct the puja here. In order to make room for the puja, the DM has also been instructed to take down the iron fence. The DM had seized the basement keys from Vyas ji last week per the court’s orders. The Hindu side’s attorneys view the ruling to unlock the Ram temple. Worship sessions were held in this basement prior to 1993. The administration erected iron barriers around Gyanvapi following the collapse of the contested building in Ayodhya. As a result, worship was discontinued and the entrance to the basement was blocked.But after order of Varanasi court Vyas family with the help and support of District administration has started worship with all rituals on 1st feb 2024 after that historical judgment.

Mr Vishnu Shanker Jain ,Advocate for this case shared happiness with thanking court.He said that 1st feb is historical date for Ayodhya Temple in 1986  as well as same date in 2024 for Gyanvapi Temple,Varanasi.

Saints were happy to have the freedom to worship

The Varanasi District Court’s ruling in the Gyanvapi case, granting the Hindu side the right to worship in Vyasji’s basement, was warmly received by the Sant Samaj. Since the British era, the Hindu community has been worshiping in the Gyanvapi basement, according to Maa Mahant Nirmal Das Maharaj, President of the Gau Ganga Seva Dham Trust.

Following the court’s ruling, the truth became apparent. The ruling of the court is welcomed by Sant Samaj. According to him, there was and will always be a temple at the Gyanvapi site. The discovery of Sanskrit writings, Hindu inscriptions, tridents on the walls and statues of gods and goddesses both inside and outside the Gyanvapi Temple complex demonstrate the long-standing presence of a temple at the Gyanvapi site. Hindu society has been  recovering its lost cultural legacy after being granted the freedom to worship.

Response of Anjuman Intezamia Masajid Committee

The Anjuman Intezamia Masajid Committee fiercely contested the ruling of the court, claiming that the cellar had never contained any idols. They denied the Vyas family’s claim of possession and their preparedness to file an appeal with a higher court.

But muslim society of Bharat will have to understand the truth and facts of Bharatiya culture and heritage.As  we know many mosques have been built to destroy or overlap the original Hindu Temples since last more than 800 years.

As we are aware that the prominent Shri Krishna Janam bhoomi Temple at Mathura had also been illegally and forcefully occupied by the Muslims many years ago but court proceedings are also on to regain Shri Krishna Janm bhumi Temple in his old and historical form.

The Muslims of Varanasi have been urged by the Anjuman Islamia Masjid Committee to demonstrate against the opening of worship in Gyanvapi Temple’s complex.The committee had previously petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn the order of worship.But as I think that  Muslim society should understand the power of truth and history.But it seems to be that they are in an adamant mood to fight on their illegal demands against Truth of natural history,facts and records.I think,they are playing politics in spite of division of Bharat in 1947 in the name of relgion.As our Bharat was divided in the name of religion,then why Muslims stayed at Bharat.

If we see the record of Bharat since 1947,that majority  population of muslims did not go to the Pakistan with conspiracy note .That time population percentage of Muslims in Bharat about 3% ,as now they are claimed more than 20%.On the other hand the population of some left Hindus in Pakistan were about 23% who couldn’t manage to back Bharat due to many reasons ,at present they are about less than 2%.It’s a matter of long discussion with the crucial face of defunct Pakistan.

After this Varanasi court order in favour of Hindus the Gyanvapi management committee also challenged a Varanasi court ruling that permits Hindu prayer that’s in front of idols in the mosque’s cellar in a motion filed with the Allahabad High Court on Thursday.

The Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee’s attorney stated that they have asked for an expedited hearing on the subject. After the Supreme Court declined to hear the mosque committee’s appeal against the Varanasi district court’s order and instructed it to file a case with the Allahabad High Court, the committee moved to the high court.

Shailendra Vyas, the grandson of Vyas ji, petitioned the court last year

This basement of Gyanvapi, right in front of Nandi in the Kashi Vishwanath temple, was the site of regular pujas performed by Somnath Vyas’s family prior to 1993. Worship sessions also stopped when iron barricades were erected, and people stopped going in and out of the area. Shailendra Vyas, the grandson of Vyas ji, petitioned the court last year to permit worship once more in the basement following the filing of multiple cases, one of which included permission for worship at Shringar Gauri in Gyanvapi.

In a petition he filed, he claimed that since 1993, there has not been any basement worship. This basement is currently owned by the Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee. Permission to resume worship in the basement should be granted and the basement turned over to the DM. The DM was ordered by the court to take possession of the basement on January 17. The DM then took control of the basement on January 24.

Concurrently, a hearing regarding this matter was conducted on Tuesday. The Muslim side’s advocate, Anjuman Arrangements, opposed the demand for a regular puja and contended that the court had only addressed the appointment of a receiver. Worship rights are not mentioned in it. Consequently, since the matter is settled, it ought to be dismissed.

“Gyan Talgriha” will be the new name for Vyasji’s basement

Following the darshan and worship in Vyasji’s basement, the Kashi Vidvat Parishad officials led the worship in addition to the saint community. Gyan Talgrih was the new name given to Vyasji’s basement by Kashi Vidvat Parishad. Despite claims that it is not a basement, it will now only be referred to as Gyan Talgrih.

Significant triumph for Hindu society

Mahant Shivam Maharaj, the President of Yuva Bharat Sadhu Samaj, and Swami Ravidev Shastri Maharaj, the general secretary, declared that the Hindu community had achieved a significant victory following the court order. All Sanatan enthusiasts, including the saint community, are happy about it. Today, with the blessings of Baba Vishwanath, justice has been served. In the Gyanvapi complex, a magnificent divine temple will soon be built, similar to the Ram temple. The Hindu community is performing the puja after more than thirty years, and the day is one of national pride for the people of Bharat. The ruling made by the court has respected Hinduism. In a similar vein, Swami Rishishwarananda, Baba Hathayogi, Swami Hariharananda, Mahant Sutikshna Muni, Mahant Suraj Das, Mahant Dineet Singh, Mahant Arun Das, Mahant Anantanand, Mahant Lokesh Das, Mahamanishi Niranjan Swami, Swami Nityananda, Mahant Shravan Muni, Mahant Mahant Gurmeet Singh Numerous saints, such as Krishna Muni, expressed gratitude for the court’s ruling and referred to it as a historic one.

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