Musk says Neuralink accepts applications for chip implant

Anjali Sharma

GG News Bureau
NEW YORK, 18th May.
Elon Musk on Friday said that his brain-computer interface company Neuralink is accepting applications for the second participant for a chip implant.

, Neuralink achieved 100 successful days with the first human Noland Arbaugh implanted with a brain chip.

“This is our telepathy cybernetic brain implant that allows you to control your phone and computer just by thinking,” said Musk .

Musk said that Arbaugh himself would tell the second participant about his life-changing experiences after the chip implant.

Neuralink said that redefining the boundaries of human capability requires pioneers in an X post.

“If you have quadriplegia and want to explore new ways of controlling your computer, we invite you to participate in our clinical trial,” said the company.

Arbaugh used the implant to control his laptop from various positions, including while lying down in bed after surgery.

He also used the brain chip to play a Mario Kart game on a Nintendo Switch console.

An X user commented: “Humanity and Technology at its finest”.

Arbaugh could use a mouth-held tablet stylus (mouth stick) that had to be put in place by a caregiver before the brain chip implant,.

He plays online computer games, browses the web and uses a MacBook laptop, all by controlling a cursor with his mind.

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