Modi’s Varanasi: How Satisfied is the Public with Their MP’s Work?

GG News Bureau
Varanasi, 30th May.
 Varanasi, Prime Minister Modi’s parliamentary constituency, is taking a step further in identifying itself as his family. Alongside BJP leaders, the common people have not only adorned their internet media profiles but also their homes, shops, and institutions with the tagline ‘I am Modi’s family,’ sending out a special message. Let’s delve into what the people of Varanasi think about their MP and how satisfied they are with his work.

In response to recent comments by RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav questioning PM Modi’s familial status, supporters across the nation initiated the ‘I am Modi’s Family’ campaign. Supporters attempted to convey through their internet media profiles that they, too, are part of Modi’s family. This sentiment is echoed further in Varanasi, where alongside BJP leaders, the common people have plastered the slogan ‘I am Modi’s family’ everywhere, from their homes to their shops and institutions.

When asked about this, people recounted the initiatives undertaken by Modi that have garnered their support. Even issues like triple talaq and free grains are being discussed by Muslim women, signifying a transformation in their lives.

The electoral terrain in Varanasi has indeed shifted. The city has witnessed advancements in various sectors, including the Banarasi saree industry, healthcare facilities, and higher education. Additionally, infrastructural projects like the national highways and ring roads have connected Varanasi to the rest of the country, fostering its development.

As the election fervor intensifies, Varanasi braces for a colorful electoral contest. With Modi seeking re-election for the third time from this constituency, the sentiment is clear among the locals: no one has become as much a part of Varanasi as Modi has in the past decade. Other candidates also share deep connections with the city.

In this election, PM Modi’s primary opponent is Congress’ state president Ajay Rai, along with five other candidates, including BSP’s Athar Jamal Lari. Rai, born and raised in Varanasi, is deeply rooted in the city, much like Modi.

The ‘I am Modi’s Family’ sentiment has been carefully cultivated by strategists. Stickers have been distributed, and the sentiment has spread across the city. Whether this translates into electoral victory remains to be seen, but the sentiment has certainly permeated every corner of Varanasi.

Politically, Modi remains unmatched on the stage. While some may raise concerns about GST issues, on the political front, Modi stands firm. The government has focused on the economy, maintained law and order, and formulated progressive policies. What more could one ask for? While there are some challenges, they must be overcome.

Ultimately, for the people of Varanasi, supporting Modi isn’t just about politics; it’s a matter of pride and belonging.

As Mayor Ashok Tiwari puts it, the people of Varanasi are proudly declaring themselves a part of Modi’s family on their doors, shop counters, and vehicles. The sentiment is clear: Modi is unbeatable on the political front.

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