Modi Govt’s White Paper Exposed Congress’ Misdeeds: Anurag Thakur


GG News Bureau
New Delhi/Shimla, 12th Feb.
 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Youth Affairs and Sports, Anurag Singh Thakur, made scathing remarks against the Congress party while addressing reporters during his visit to Himachal Pradesh on February 11.

During his visit, Thakur participated in various local events in the Jhandutta Vidhan Sabha constituency’s Gram Panchayat Balh Sina and Balh Sina Village. He later engaged with journalists at the Dharamshala Airport.

In response to the recent white paper presented by the Modi government in Parliament, Thakur stated, “The white paper has completely exposed the Congress party. It reveals how the Congress party’s priority has always been the welfare of their family and corruption. For them, filling their own pockets was a priority, not the country’s development. The white paper has made it clear how the country suffered economically during the Congress regime. The country’s banks were in a dire situation. Out of 12 banks, 11 were under the PCA framework. People were fleeing with money, and the government remained silent.”

Thakur went on to highlight that a series of scams occurred in the country under the Congress government. Instead of important government files reaching the cabinet, they were being forwarded to the National Advisory Council (NAC), which consisted of individuals whose capabilities and backgrounds raised questions. This indicates that Congress pushed the country backward. Their policies pushed the economy into a fragile state.”

Thakur further emphasized that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has provided a clean, honest, and transparent government to the country over the past ten years. Due to clear policies, today, all banks are profitable. India now has the world’s fifth-largest economy, moving away from a stumbling economy. The white paper has shown the people of the country how Prime Minister Modi has taken the country forward despite various challenges.”

Thakur concluded by urging the youth to participate in sports and stay healthy. He highlighted the increased budget for sports by the Modi government, exceeding Rs. 3000 crore, and the significant role played by Indian daughters in bringing medals to the country, citing the example of the Indian women’s kabaddi team winning the 100th medal at the Asian Games, led by a daughter of Himachal Pradesh.

Thakur also announced that nearly 10 lakh people would benefit from the mobile health services provided through hospitals in his parliamentary constituency, Hamirpur, over the next month.”

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