Minor School Children Behind Lucknow Bomb Threat Emails, Say Officials

GG News Bureau
Lucknow, 24th May. 
Lucknow authorities have unveiled the mystery behind the bomb threat emails that shook local schools on May 13, attributing the incident to a group of minor school children. According to officials, the children, aged between 10-11 years, inadvertently forwarded the threatening messages during an online gaming chat session.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Zone), Tej Swaroop Singh, revealed that the children, hailing from various states including Maharashtra, had no direct connection to each other. Their identities remain undisclosed as they are deemed innocent in the affair. Notably, these minors are not linked to similar incidents reported in Kanpur and Delhi.

The incident unfolded when a private school in Lucknow received a bomb threat via email. Prompt action was taken, with an FIR filed based on the principal’s complaint, highlighting the seriousness of the matter.

A specialized team comprising surveillance experts and Sushant Golf City police was deployed to investigate the case. Through their efforts, it was determined that the children had mistakenly sent the threatening email while chatting on the gaming platform ‘Discord’.

Further inquiries revealed that the children acquired the school’s email ID from a pamphlet. Despite these revelations, the case remains open, with authorities exploring additional angles to ensure thorough investigation and resolution.

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