Members from civil society submit memorandum to the President of India demanding SIT on electoral violence in West Bengal.

GG News Bureau
New Delhi , 25th May. Appalled by the political violence and state terror unleashed by Trinamool Congress Mamta Banerjee led government in West Bengal the forum of concerned citizens from various walks of life, including former Judges, senior functionaries of the Civil and Police services, ambassadors and senior armed forces officers led by Praveen Dixit former DGP Maharashtra, and Bhaswati Mukherjee former Ambassador have submitted a memorandum demanding recommendation of SIT monitored by a retired Supreme Court Judge appointed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India for a fair investigation and speedy justice along with handing over the cases to NIA to deal with the anti-national onslaught on the culture and integrity of the country.
In the memorandum sent to the president of India, Ram Nath Kovind they requested and said, “We have unshakable belief in the greatness of Indian democracy and its sacred institutions, and are fully committed to uphold the sovereignty and integrity of India, build a robust economy and a healthy cohesive society infused with our millennia old culture and civilization. Recent targeted political killings and bloodshed after the state assembly elections in West Bengal highlight the need for every right-thinking citizen to observe nonviolence at all costs and respect a democratic process which inherently rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. Referring to India as ‘Punyabhumi’ or the ‘Land of the Blessed’, Swami Vivekananda reminded us of the importance of nonviolence when he said: “India for thousands of years peacefully existed. Even earlier, when history had no record…..ideas after ideas have marched out from her, but every word has been spoken with a blessing behind it and peace before it.”
Bhaswati Bhowmick further said greatly disturbed at the developments in West Bengal that to highlight the mindless instigation of reported violence in electoral vengeance against the people who exercised their democratic right to vote for one political party or the other. Media reports, largely substantiated by eyewitness accounts, mention murders, rapes, attacks on persons and property, including by anti-national elements, leading to forced migration of people to shelter homes. These reports show unabated attacks after the results of the West Bengal state elections and deficient and inappropriate response of the local administration and police. These unfortunate developments, if unchecked, could establish a trend which will undermine and ultimately destroy the deep-rooted democratic traditions of India.
The media has widely reported that over a dozen persons, including women, have been killed in post-poll violence in the State. Over 15,000 incidents of violence have reportedly taken place. As per credible reports, out of 23 districts in West Bengal, 16 districts have been severely affected by violence. As a result, 4000 to 5000 people have reportedly migrated to other states due to overwhelming majority of civilian deaths resulting from political violence.
The demanded that the state of West Bengal and its Government under Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee must act in accordance with the Constitutional mandate to maintain law and order, curb violence with an iron hand and ensure peace and tranquility amongst all sections of its people Assam, Jharkhand, and Orissa. A special relief package needs to be announced for the victims of violence, and all efforts should be made for their rehabilitation and provide them with full sense of security. Offences reportedly of rape, attempted rapes, and violating the modesty of women, targeting scheduled castes and tribes, and incidents of religious sacrilege are the worst manifestation of post-poll violence in West Bengal. Many offences have not been registered. The democratic process provides for political change without violence and popularity should come from winning the hearts of the people and not shedding the blood of those who do not support any political group or party.
The shocking nature and degree of retributive violence in West Bengal after the election results is the negation of the fundamental principle that there is no place for violence in retention of power or change of power through a peaceful democratic process under the Constitution of India ad the response of the state machinery has been in such a situation should have been unresponsive and partisan. It is clear that the overwhelming majority of civilian deaths resulting from political violence were the result of what should be understood as serious acts of commission and omission of the law-and-order enforcement machinery of the State, or, in the worst-case scenario, induced “State Terror.”
The State of West Bengal and its Government under Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee must act in accordance with the Constitutional mandate to maintain law and order, curb violence with an iron hand and ensure peace and tranquility amongst all sections of its people.

Justice B.C Patel Former Chief Justice Delhi High Court ,Justice Kshitij Vyas Former Chief Justice Mumbai High Court, Justice S.M Soni Former Lokayukta, Gujarat & Judge, Gujarat High Court ,Justice Ambadas Joshi Former Judge, Mumbai High Court ,Justice Rakesh Saksena Former Judge Madhya Pradesh High Court, Justice Rajendra Prasad Former Judge, Patna High Court, Justice R.S Rathore Former Judge, Rajastan High Court, Justice Prashant Kumar Agarwal Former Judge Rajasthan High Court,Justice Deepak Maheshwari Former Judge Rajasthan High Court, Justice P.N. Ravindran Former Judge, Kerala High Court, Justice N.K Balakrishnan Former Judge, Kerala High Court, Justice Dr B Siva sankara Rao Former Judge Telengana High Court, Justice Sarvesh Gupta Former Judge Uttarakhand High Court,Sri Sanjeev Tripathi, IPS Former RAW Chief,Sri Sudhir Kumar, IPS Former Secretary and Member CVC,Sri Saurabh Chandra, IAS Former Petroleum Secretary Sri Sudhir Kumar, IAS Former Food Secretary etc were the signatory to the memorandum.

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