Massive earthquake above 8 Richter scale overdue in the Himalayan region

BD Kasniyal
GG News Bureau
Pithoragarh, 13th June. The collision and underthrusting of the Indian plate beneath the Asian plate could result in generating a massive earthquake above 8 on the Richter scale in the Himalayan region between Kangra and Bihar, with far-reaching consequences believe the experts.
Dr Devjit Hazarika, a scientist from Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, who had led a team of scientist to study the seismological study for three years along the Kali river valley in Dharchula subdivision of Pithoragarh district for last three years.
“We established 15 seismological stations along the river Kali to find out configuration of crust and studied the frequent earth tremors felt in Kumaon region for three years, “said Dr Hazarika.
The team of scientists found a large cluster of an earthquake in Dharchula and adjoining area that is critically stressed caused by a ramp on detachment plate that separates the underthrusting Indian plate from the overriding Himalayan wedge.
“This ramp structure was hind beneath the Dharchula region,” said Dr Hazarika.
We cannot pinpoint whether only the Dharchula region could experience a great earthquake of near 8 magnitudes, but the possibilities are that it may occur anywhere between Kagra and Bihar belt.” It is because of this seismic gap the region between Kangra and Bihar is highly prone to earthquakes as several minor earthquakes and tremors felt have been reported from the region. “said the Wadia scientist.
“We are not in a position to predict the exact place or date of the earthquake but, our study revealed that a large crust of that could result into earthquake exists beneath Dharchula region,” said Dr Hazarika.
The study has been published in January- May 2021, issue of the international magazine ‘Geological journal international.’ and another journal, ‘Tectonophysics.’ respectively.
According to scientists despite an accumulation of large stress beneath this high earthquake region, no major earthquake of more than 8 magnitudes has been recorded in the last 500 years. “This is why the region has gone highly sensitive to massive earthquakes. “said Dr Hazarika.

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