Make Roadmap for Future, Move Forward on It: President Murmu at India Smart Cities Conclave in Indore


GG News Bureau

Indore, 27th Sept. President Droupadi Murmu on Wednesday graced the India Smart Cities Conclave 2023 at Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that as per assessment more than 50 percent of our population would be living in urban areas by the year 2047 and that the total contribution of cities to GDP would be more than 80 percent by that time.

She shared that we have to make a roadmap for the future and move forward on it – keeping in mind the growing aspirations and needs of the cities and their residents.

The President said that an important issue which is part of every discussion on sustainable development at every level is climate change. In this context, the Climate Smart Cities Assessment Framework, which was launched for India’s 100 smart cities, is an example of how cities can address climate change at the national level.

She added that emphasis is being laid on green buildings and renewable energy for energy efficiency in cities, but there is a need to work on a more comprehensive level in these areas.

The President said that we have to achieve our objectives by moving towards Sustainable Development Goals. The goal of SDG 11 is to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. This goal underlines the importance of holistic and inclusive development of cities.

The President said that the management of cities has an important role in pursuing the priority of sustainable development. Therefore, we should learn from the best practices and business models of the world’s best-managed cities and also share our successful efforts with other countries.

She added that collaboration at local and global level is essential for overall and sustainable development.

The President said that we have to develop safe, clean, healthy neighbourhoods across the country.

She emphasised that people must become responsible and understand their duty towards their city and residents.

She highlighted that to prevent diseases like dengue and malaria in cities, proactive participation of people and cooperation of concerned departments is essential.

The President stressed on the need for health services, educational institutions and basic facilities like cities in rural areas too.

She said that it would reduce the pressure on the cities’ infrastructure and improve the living condition of the rural people.

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