Maharashtra Government’s Landmark Move: Assembly Passes Bill Enabling 10% Maratha Reservation


GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 21st Feb.
The Maharashtra Assembly has authorized Maratha reservations. On Tuesday, the Eknath Shinde government of the state introduced this reservation bill. The Assembly voted this bill through with a unanimous vote. This bill recommends a 10% Maratha reservation. The Maratha community will gain from this by having reservations for jobs and education. This bill will now be referred to the Legislative Council, where it will be passed and the Governor’s approval required to finally address the long-standing demand of the Maratha community in Maharashtra. This bill, which pertains to the Maratha community in Maharashtra, has been approved for the third time in the past ten years.

The Maratha community’s population is 28%

This proposal is based on the Backward Classes Commission of Maharashtra’s recommendation. As per the Commission’s report, the Maratha community constitutes 28% of the state’s population. In addition, it is thought that the Maratha community’s backwardness stems from a few unique circumstances. In such a case, reservations for this category may be granted above the 50% caste reservation cap. In Maharashtra, EWS are also granted a 10% reservation. In this way, if Maratha reservation is also included then the total quota in the state will be 72%.

Maratha quota was demanded by retired judge Sunil Shukre

The Maharashtra Backward Classes Commission was established in December, with Shukre serving as its chairman. Studying the state’s Maratha community’s repressiveness was its main goal. Manoj Jarange Patil, an agitator, led a protracted campaign calling for a Maratha quota. The government didn’t form the commission until after this. This bill, which was introduced in Maharashtra, claims that Tamil Nadu is receiving 69% of the proposed Maratha quota. The Tamil Nadu case was deemed an exception in the Indira Sawhney case, which was also referenced in this bill.

In the Maratha community, 21-22% of people live in poverty

A survey of 1,588,000 families in the state was carried out by the Backward Classes Commission. Following that, a report on the Maratha community’s lack of progress was given. As per the report, the percentage of the Maratha community living below the poverty line is 21.22%, whereas the state average stands at 17.4%. In addition, the state’s Maratha community accounts for 94% of farmers who kill themselves.

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