Kejriwal’s Downturn: Where Has His Brilliance Gone


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New Delhi, 18th April.
The passage of time propels a person from one phase to another. Man needs to be terrified of time since one never knows when it will alter its mood. Hence, Arvind Kejriwal feels that the times have drastically altered. Do you realize how much fun Arvind Kejriwal was in 2011? And see what a miserable state Arvind Kejriwal is in now—the Arvind of 2024. He has been detained in Tihar Jail by the same Delhi administration since March 15 in the same Delhi where he used to lecture and still holds authority. His request for relief was denied by the Delhi High Court on April 9.

He had filed a request with the Delhi High Court to have the ED’s arrest of him in connection with the liquor scam ruled unlawful or unconstitutional. His attorney stated that his arrest was unnecessary. In order to keep him from campaigning, he was detained. This arrest has political vendetta. The Delhi High Court disagreed.
The Delhi High Court ruled that there was sufficient evidence to convict him. He knew where the money from the Delhi liquor scam originated. He was one of its partners. He participated in some of the occasional spending of that money. The High Court declined to grant any relief, characterizing Arvind Kejriwal as the mastermind behind the entire scheme.

His attorneys rushed to the Supreme Court on April 9 and demanded that the matter be heard promptly, following the announcement of the High Court’s ruling. India’s Chief Justice, DY Chandrachud, declared he would take an early hearing into consideration. The 10th was the day the hearing was held. April 15 was the date that the Supreme Court provided. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Arvind Kejriwal’s attorney, requested an early hearing when the hearing got underway on April 15. However, the Supreme Court declined to consider it right away. In response to Arvind Kejriwal and his attorney’s claim that there was no justification for his arrest and that it was unlawful, the Supreme Court ordered the ED to respond by April 24. The Supreme Court has scheduled the next hearing for April 29.

This made one thing very evident: the Supreme Court does not appear to concur with Arvind Kejriwal’s and his attorneys’ claims that the arrest was undertaken in order to prevent him from running for office. Although the Supreme Court has not made a statement to this effect, it would have taken swift action if it had believed that Arvind Kejriwal’s incarceration was an improper way to prevent him from campaigning and that it need to be taken into consideration. This implies that the two-phase Lok Sabha elections would be finished by April 26.

The third phase of the election campaign will be underway. There is no indication that Arvind Kejriwal will see any comfort on April 29. The primary cause of this is that Arvind Kejriwal’s growth and the type of evidence discussed in the High Court’s ruling make it challenging for him to receive any remedy.

This is the current state of Kejriwal’s legal case. Outside of the Delhi court, he is not receiving any sympathy. There isn’t a single person emerging for protest for Arvind Kejriwal even after so many days. Every time he visited, his wife Sunita Kejriwal would deliver a fresh message.

The procedure of getting messages from the jail has ceased since Sanjay Singh was released on bond. It appears like either Arvind or Sunita Kejriwal are failing to convey the intended message. It is incomprehensible what the issue is. However, it is acknowledged that Arvind Kejriwal’s political succession plan has been severely disrupted in some way by Sanjay Singh’s debut. Something is not working properly.
Arvind Kejriwal is aware of how difficult this situation is. His position makes it evident that he sought to elevate his wife, Sunita Kejriwal, to the position of Chief Minister of Delhi, when he declared that he will run the government from jail. He should be questioned about why Manish Sisodia couldn’t run his ministry from jail if he can run the government from there and believes it to be constitutional. Why is Satyendar Jain unable to lead the government while incarcerated? For what reason did he step down? The same Constitution that governs you also governs these two leaders. This question does not apply to Sanjay Singh because he was not a Minister. However, it also applies to Satyendra Jain and Manish Sisodia. It’s true that the Constitution is silent on this issue, therefore why did they want resignations? Why couldn’t they manage their department out of jail?

The fact that Arvind Kejriwal may not be able to leave prison is not something that will worry him too much. Because his imprisonment would imply that he would receive sympathy and it would be politically detrimental for the Bharatiya Janata Party, he was convinced that the government would do all in its power to avoid having him arrested.
However, the Bharatiya Janata Party has evaluated the whole scenario. Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest was known to have no positive consequences for him. Whatever sympathy there could have been for him was obliterated by the manner he disregarded nine ED summonses and persisted in contesting their legality.

That’s the reason no one came to his defense when he was taken into custody. It is clear from the way his party members are unyielding and the way they have all deserted that Arvind Kejriwal’s circumstances will only worsen. He is about to receive a shock, but it won’t come from a court, investigating agency, or political party; rather, it will come from his own close party members. A significant number of MLAs and Ministers, specifically seven out of ten Rajya Sabha members, express a desire to abstain from all forms of protest and demonstration. Of the Rajya Sabha, two are not in the country.

All things considered, the Aam Aadmi Party is cooking something huge, judging by the ignorance of these seven Rajya Sabha members on Arvind Kejriwal. Arvind Kejriwal is not going to be happy with what is cooking. Although the exact date of its completion is unknown, Arvind Kejriwal will undoubtedly face significant opposition from members of his own party and those close to him. For the time being at least, it appears that his desire of leaving his wife with the political legacy is not coming true. Regarding politics, one cannot assert anything with certainty. It is hard to determine for sure what Arvind Kejriwal’s political legacy will be until he steps down, and until that time comes.

There’s no doubt that things would have turned out differently if Sanjay Singh had stayed behind bars. The fact that Sanjay Singh was granted bail indicates that things have changed. There is no doubt that Arvind Kejriwal is not benefiting from these altered conditions. All of these questions will have answers on April 29, regardless of whether the Supreme Court grants any interim relief. But given the compelling evidence that ED has presented, there’s not much chance that Arvind Kejriwal would receive any kind of relief from the Supreme Court.

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